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"Sheer delusion would be the more correct form of expression," the doctor rejoins.
Pleasant sheds tears deserving her own name, and her sweet delusion is at its height.
Backward they always gaze toward dark ages: then, indeed, were delusion and faith something different.
It is my conviction, or my delusion, no matter which, that crime brings its own fatality with it.
But there are none; and our forefathers soon became convinced that they had been led into a terrible delusion. All the prisoners on account of witchcraft were set free.
You are under a delusion," said Prince Vasili, as he entered.
It would be wasted time to try to argue her out of her delusion, it couldn't be done; I must just humor it.
Making all allowance for the follies that men committed every day in their relations with women, Montbarry's delusion was still the most monstrous delusion on record.
It is plain, then, that phrenologically the head of this Leviathan, in the creature's living intact state, is an entire delusion. As for his true brain, you can then see no indications of it, nor feel any.
It was an ugly story of low passion, delusion, and waking from delusion, which needs not to be dragged from the privacy of Godfrey's bitter memory.
"If you persist in returning to your delusion," she said, "you will oblige me to persist in returning to my papers."
I would go out into the streets to fight with my delusion, and prowling women would mew after me; furtive, craving men glance jealously at me; weary, pale workers go coughing by me with tired eyes and eager paces, like wounded deer dripping blood; old people, bent and dull, pass murmuring to themselves; and, all unheeding, a ragged tail of gibing children.