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a. The act or process of deluding.
b. The state of being deluded.
a. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.
b. Psychiatry A false belief or perception that is a manifestation of a mental illness: delusions of persecution.

[Middle English delusioun, from Latin dēlūsiō, dēlūsiōn-, from dēlūsus, past participle of dēlūdere, to delude; see delude.]

de·lu′sion·al adj.
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Adj.1.delusional - suffering from or characterized by delusions
psychoneurotic, neurotic - affected with emotional disorder
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CELEBRITY chef Marco Pierre White has called Jamie Oliver "delusional" for blaming the collapse of his restaurant empire on Brexit.
I would refer him to the comments made by the former US treasury secretary, regarding the delusional free trade ideas put forward by the Tory brexitists.
THE UK Government was branded delusional yesterday after promising "endless opport unities" for vital Scottish exports after leaving the EU.
Dominic Raab has met with Donald Trump just hours after Britain's hopes of securing a USBrexittrade deal were branded "delusional".
Summary: Washington [USA}, July 23 (ANI): Calling US President Donald Trump remarks on Kashmir issue "amateurish" and "delusional", Congressman Brad Sherman on Monday said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would never ask Trump to act as a mediator.
Now he claims Bojo could be the last UK Prime Minister with his delusional strength over the EU and happiness for a no-deal Brexit, which is boosting Scottish independence and escape.
Democratic and Republican lawmakers said that Facebook's track record of what they viewed as untrustworthiness should bar it from rolling out a cryptocurrency, calling the plan "delusional" and "crazy" at a Senate hearing, Reuters' Pete Schroeder and Katie Paul report.
Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Tuesday described as "delusional" Camarines Sur Representative Rolando Andaya Jr.
Lauren Nicolle Taylor; TRAVEL DIARIES OF THE DEAD AND DELUSIONAL; Clean Teen Publishing (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 10.95 ISBN: 9781634223201
PARIS -- Ever wonder, when encountering an occasional patient afflicted with delusional infestation, just how common this mental disorder is?
He was diagnosed as case of delusional disorder and was released by court after five years of trial on the mental illness grounds, told sources.
Delusional parasitosis is a rare disorder that is defined by an individual having a fixed, false belief that he or she is being infected or grossly invaded by a living organism.