delusional disorder

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Noun1.delusional disorder - any mental disorder in which delusions play a significant role
folie, mental disorder, mental disturbance, psychological disorder, disturbance - (psychiatry) a psychological disorder of thought or emotion; a more neutral term than mental illness
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The experts describe traits Trump has exhibited, based mainly on observing his public conduct and behavior, that are consistent with several psychological disorders, including sociopathy, pathological narcissism, delusional disorder, extreme hedonism and cognitive impairment -- all of which are mutually inclusive, or exist simultaneously.
The Libertarian Party Candidate, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and delusional disorder, took over the cockpit of an airplane with a handgun and a knife July 27, 2000.
While in DSM, 5th edition (DSM-5), [4] the nomenclature of this disorder has been changed to "delusional symptoms" in partner of an individual with delusional disorder.
Folie a deux, or induced delusional disorder, refers to the transference of delusions from the primary person (inducer) to a secondary person (recipient).
The sole practitioner provides psychiatric evaluation services and electroconvulsive therapy and treats a variety of mental health conditions such as Adjustment Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Delusional Disorder, Dysthymia, Cyclothymia, and Eating Disorders.
In both the DSM-IV-TR as well as the International Classification of Diseases 10 (ICD), ORS patients with no insight may meet the criteria for a delusional disorder (somatic type).
Currently, the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders--text revision--5th edition ([DSM-V] American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013), conceptualizes the delusional disorder, somatic type, as a psychotic disorder.
has de ClA[c]rambault syndrome, or erotomania, a delusional disorder that makes C.
Medical reports from two psychiatrists said that she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and a delusional disorder.
A FORMER GAA star jailed for shooting dead his father won the right yesterday to challenge an alleged failure to provide medical care for his delusional disorder.