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v. delved, delv·ing, delves
1. To search deeply and laboriously: delved through the court records.
a. To research or make inquiries into something: scientists delving into gene regulation.
b. To undertake an activity or occupation undeterred by difficulty or uncertainty: delved into writing a blog.
c. To discuss or explain something, especially in detail: The article delves into the problems facing the banking system.
3. To enter or move into an area in which movement is difficult: The explorers delved into the forest.
4. To dig the ground, as with a spade.
Archaic To dig (ground) with a spade.

[Middle English delven, to dig, from Old English delfan.]

delv′er n.
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And so, as we have said, the iron gate leading into the kitchen-garden had been closed up and left to the rust, which bade fair before long to eat off its hinges, while to prevent the ignoble glances of the diggers and delvers of the ground from presuming to sully the aristocratic enclosure belonging to the mansion, the gate had been boarded up to a height of six feet.
There we stood and shrieked with laughter over the gems that were ours, which had been found for /us/ thousands of years ago by the patient delvers in the great hole yonder, and stored for /us/ by Solomon's long-dead overseer, whose name, perchance, was written in the characters stamped on the faded wax that yet adhered to the lids of the chest.
"This is why there tends to be a gender divide between hair salons and barbershops, but for anyone of any gender who wants an undercut, as Karen currently sports, a tight fade or a short, back and sides, Jacks of London barbers CAN AND WILL delver.
Charity bosses say the cash boost will help them delver the 12-week programme to some of the most disadvantaged primary school children in Scotland.
Gers boss Steven Gerrard revealed he had to delver a dressing room dressing down at half-time to trigger a reaction and salvage all three points after Rangers fell behind to Matty Kennedy's opener.
Contract Pharma's resident Clinically Speaking columnist, futurist, prognosticator, and delver of fortune cookie wisdom, Ben Locwin, kicked the day off with his Keynote on "Pharma Future Trends.
Special guest Judy Murray is set to delver a keynote speech on the first day of the camp.
A BUSINESS owner took to the podium to delver a keynote speech - just days after running a programme to help people nervous about public speaking.
James (Williams's countryman), "that intellectual prodigy and indefatigable delver into the Caribbean past, ...
A midwife threated to delver a baby with kitchen | |cutlery at Liverpool Women's Hospital
Ademas, con el mecanismo OLAP, es posible proporcionar una capacidad analitica rica y variada que va mas alla de todo lo visto anteriormente en terminos de analisis temporal de censos (Healey y Delver, 2007).