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also dem·a·gog (dĕm′ə-gôg′, -gŏg′)
1. A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace.
2. A leader of the common people in ancient times.
v. dem·a·gogued, dem·a·gogu·ing, dem·a·gogues also dem·a·goged , dem·a·go·ging , dem·a·goges
v. tr.
Usage Problem To speak about (an issue, for example) in the manner of a demagogue.
v. intr.
Usage Problem To speak in the manner of a demagogue.

[Greek dēmagōgos, popular leader : dēmos, people; see dā- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots + agōgos, leading (from agein, to lead; see ag- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]
Usage Note: Even though demagogue has been used as a verb meaning "to speak about something with the tactics of a demagogue" since the 1600s, the verb has kept a low profile in the language. The Usage Panel does not view the verb with much favor in either its transitive or intransitive use. In our 2016 survey, between 85 and 89 percent of the Usage Panel rejected it in a range of intransitive and transitive examples. These results are only slightly more favorable than when this issue was last balloted, nearly two decades earlier. Perhaps this continued resistance should not be surprising, since the use of familiar nouns as verbs is often the subject of complaints.
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Noun1.demagog - a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices
pol, political leader, politico, politician - a person active in party politics
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I hope people can reflect upon this after this election is over and just kind of go, "How did we get to the point where we had this fascist demagog as a candidate whose basically entire mode--the way that he got there was via Twitter?" Let's think about that and not let it happen again.
Egy utolso rohadt demagog szar voltam amikor tok kihasznalatlan, kozpenzpazarlo, meregdraga ertelmetlen vasuti szarnyvonalak bezarasa ellen hiszterizaltam az egesz orszagot.
Unlike their parents, and their parents' friends, they are the first generation to question the demagog like authority of "conventional medicine." They are looking, with open minds, at a variety of alternative health care therapies.