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v. de·mand·ed, de·mand·ing, de·mands
1. To ask for urgently or peremptorily: demand an investigation into the murder; demanding that he leave immediately; demanded to speak to the manager.
2. To claim as just or due: demand repayment of a loan.
3. To ask to be informed of: demanded an explanation for the interruption.
4. To require as useful, just, proper, or necessary; call for: a gem that demands a fine setting.
5. Law
a. To lay legal claim to; claim formally.
b. To ask that (something) be done in accordance with a legal requirement.
To make a demand.
1. An act of demanding; an urgent request.
2. Something demanded: on strike until they get their demands.
3. An urgent requirement or need: the heavy demands of her job; the emotional demands of his marriage; an increased oxygen demand.
4. The state of being sought after: in great demand as a speaker.
5. Economics The desire for goods or services in an economy, measured as the amount people are ready to buy at a given price: Supply should rise to meet demand.
6. Law
a. A formal claim.
b. A request that some act be done or payment made in accordance with a legal requirement.
7. Archaic An emphatic question or inquiry.
on demand
1. When presented for payment: a note payable on demand.
2. When needed or asked for: fed the baby on demand.

[Middle English demanden, from Old French demander, to charge with doing, and from Medieval Latin dēmandāre, to demand, both from Latin, to entrust : dē-, de- + mandāre, to entrust; see man- in Indo-European roots.]

de·mand′a·ble adj.
de·mand′er n.
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To qualify for GFAL, applicants must be permanent government employees with outstanding loan from lending institutions, government banks, or cooperatives accredited or recognized by their agency; have at least three years of periods with paid premiums; and have no due and demandable loan account with GSIS.
Of the total unpaid amount, P61.7 million was already 'due and demandable' since the hospital had already complied with all the documentary requirements imposed by PhilHealth, according to Dy.
Other qualifications stated that applicants must be an active reqular member of the GSIS with permanent status and paid premiums for the last three years; has no pending administrative case and/or criminal charge; is not on leave without pay; has an outstanding loan from accredited lending institution (Originally accredited PLUS locally accredited PLIs); and, has no due and demandable loan account/s with the GSIS.
"These disbursement vouchers with P51,831,293.68 refer to various suppliers and payables of the agency that were paid by PDEA but it underwent an LDDAP (List of Due and Demandable Accounts Payable), a bank transaction mode of payment that replaced the previous cheque payment system in accordance with COA rules and regulations,'' PDEA said in a statement.
"The most effective way to protect the right to a safe and healthy environment is to constitutionalize the right in our Bill of Rights so that the right will be demandable," Puno said.
Things would not change if the boy (week after week) exchanged his fiat dollars for instantly demandable notes issued by a reputable bank.
Such a need for cash may stem from unusual demands of the banks' customers, who draw on committed lines of credit or on their demandable deposits.
"The same is applicable for Georgia, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka, which are the most demandable destinations at this time."
The role of demandable debt in structuring optimal banking arrangements.
Assuming that the evidence code is applicable to the proceeding, FIPUG argued that sequestration is demandable as a matter of right." (23) The language of F.S.
Due to low price and demandable, most of the fish farmers are practiced of monoculture specially tilapia, pangus.