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v. de·mand·ed, de·mand·ing, de·mands
1. To ask for urgently or peremptorily: demand an investigation into the murder; demanding that he leave immediately; demanded to speak to the manager.
2. To claim as just or due: demand repayment of a loan.
3. To ask to be informed of: demanded an explanation for the interruption.
4. To require as useful, just, proper, or necessary; call for: a gem that demands a fine setting.
5. Law
a. To lay legal claim to; claim formally.
b. To ask that (something) be done in accordance with a legal requirement.
To make a demand.
1. An act of demanding; an urgent request.
2. Something demanded: on strike until they get their demands.
3. An urgent requirement or need: the heavy demands of her job; the emotional demands of his marriage; an increased oxygen demand.
4. The state of being sought after: in great demand as a speaker.
5. Economics The desire for goods or services in an economy, measured as the amount people are ready to buy at a given price: Supply should rise to meet demand.
6. Law
a. A formal claim.
b. A request that some act be done or payment made in accordance with a legal requirement.
7. Archaic An emphatic question or inquiry.
on demand
1. When presented for payment: a note payable on demand.
2. When needed or asked for: fed the baby on demand.

[Middle English demanden, from Old French demander, to charge with doing, and from Medieval Latin dēmandāre, to demand, both from Latin, to entrust : dē-, de- + mandāre, to entrust; see man- in Indo-European roots.]

de·mand′a·ble adj.
de·mand′er n.
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Noun1.demander - a person who makes demands
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"


(= requester)Fordernde(r) mf
(= buyer)Käufer(in) m(f)
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SUNA) - Le Parti national soudanais a demande libre, a demander d'expulser Yasser Arman de la presidence de la delegation du SPLM, secteur du Nord dans les negociations sur les regions a Addis-Abeba
La reponse, qui semble ne pas avoir effleure l'esprit de cette presse internationale, ce peuple l'a donnee dans les rues le 30 Juin 2013 puis le 26 juillet 2013 en descendant par millions pour demander la destitution de Mohamed Morsi et des Freres musulmans.
Le collectif de rappeurs parisiens a ete au top, le public, visiblement exigeant, n'en pouvait demander plus.
C'est a se demander si la cession de Maroc Telecom releve du [beaucoup moins que]pain beni[beaucoup plus grand que].
In an independent private values environment with K units to be sold, if each demander is risk-neutral and draws one valuation from a common uniform distribution in which the lowest possible valuation is zero (the conditions present in our experiment), a symmetric Bayes-Nash equilibrium for the auction is given by
Since area A in Figure 4 and Figure 5 is the largest for individual x = 1, we only have to show that the highest demander prefers public provision.
Je tiens aussi a demander pardon a mon club, le RC Arba, dont j'ai trahi la confiance qu'il avait placee en moi.
La commission des competitions de la Ligue va demander des explications au FCN mercredi, a precise la LFP.
Le juge accuse l'ancien president d'avoir profite de l'affaiblissement mental de Mme Bettencourt pour lui demander des sommes d'argent destinees au financement illegal de sa campagne de 2007.
Reste a se demander combien d'equipes viennent d'etre prises en main par M.
According to Eventful's data however, Clinton appears to do well with youth voters as well, with an average Eventful Demander age of 29 years old and nearly 40% of her demanders between 18-25 years old.
D'apres l'Office federal des migrations (ODM), les Erythreens demeurent le premier groupe a y demander l'asile devant les Syriens, de plus en plus nombreux a s'etablir en Suisse.