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A transparent, green variety of garnet used as a gem.

[German, from archaic Demant, diamond, from Middle High German diemant, from Old French diamant; see diamond.]


(Minerals) a bright green variety of andradite garnet
[C19: from German, from obsolete Demant diamond, from Old French diamant + -oid]


(dɪˈmæn tɔɪd)

a brilliant green andradite garnet, used as a gem.
[1890–95; < German, = (obsolete) Demant diamond + -oid -oid]
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Noun1.demantoid - a green andradite used as a gemstonedemantoid - a green andradite used as a gemstone
andradite - a garnet consisting of calcium iron silicate and having any color ranging from yellow and green to brown and black; used as gemstone
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So he did what any jeweller looking to make a splash at a world's fair in the Gilded Age might: He made a bedazzled iris corsage the size of an actual iris, with a golden stem and dozens of Montana sapphires and demantoid garnets for the bud.
Dr Ilaria Adamo (Italian Gemmological Institute, Milan) reviewed the geology and gemmology--including origin determination--of demantoid sources.
Once again, though, people came back; mining and trading demantoid during a rush, it seems, did not offer the same opportunities as mining and trading sapphires in the midst of a slowdown.
Hunterview has been finding it tough going this season but his recent effort at Exeter provides plenty of hope for Kelso's Demantoid Handicap Hurdle (2.
The biggest draw was Victoire de Castellane's colourful large-scale rings and floral necklaces smothered in tourmalines, demantoid garnets and rubies, jewelled counterparts of John Galliano's exuberant designs for Dior.
The most valuable garnets are, in fact, a bright leaf green: demantoid garnets, which were first discovered in the Ural mountains in the 19th Century.
Stadther later presented them with the actual jewel--a 19th-century piece set with 85 green demantoid garnets and 25 diamonds.
Demantoid garnet is a rare and beautiful bright grass green sub-variety of andradite garnet.
Roman Serov and co-authors (all from the Gemological Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) examined the colour origin of Russian demantoid using heating experiments.
A new deposit of andradite garnet of the demantoid and topazolite varieties has recently been discovered in Antetezambato, Ambanja area, Antsiranana province, North Madagascar.
One case will display a series of gem-encrusted butterflies in myriad colours and styles, from an antique diamond-and-ruby pin to a demantoid garnet butterfly with 330 garnets and 472 diamonds mounted in a unique titanium setting (so the brooch wouldn't weigh down its wearer).