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1. Dwelling at or near the bottom of a body of water: a demersal fish.
2. Sinking to or deposited near the bottom of a body of water: demersal fish eggs.

[From Latin dēmersus, past participle of dēmergere, to sink : dē-, de- + mergere, to sink.]


(Biology) living or occurring on the bottom of a sea or a lake: demersal fish.
[C19: from Latin dēmersus submerged (from dēmergere to plunge into, from mergere to dip) + -al1]


(dɪˈmɜr səl)
(of marine life) persisting at the lowest ocean layers; bottom-dwelling.


- Describing a fish that lives close to the floor of the sea or a lake.
See also related terms for lake.
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Setting fishing targets for the most commercially important demersal stocks: hake, red mullet, deep-water rose shrimp, Norway lobster, blue and red shrimp and giant red shrimp.
At the end of last year, the quantity of demersal fish caught reached 67,567 tonnes, an increase of 9.
Karadeniz'de barbunya ve mezgit gibi hedef demersal baliklarin avciliginda kullanilan dip trol aglarinda isletim hatalarindan ve ag goz acikliginin yetersizliginden oturu iskarta av oranlari sirasiyla %25 ve %42'lere kadar ulasmaktadir.
This volume consists of eight reviews of topics in oceanography and marine biology: the use of visual imaging for marine biological and ecological research; the ecology of macro and microtidal estuaries; concepts, definitions, and assessment of habitat complexity for demersal marine fish; biodiversity and ecosystem consequences of the proliferation of artificial structures in the sea; the ecophysiological responses of corals to environmental stressors; the ecological impacts of marine disposal of mine tailings; the ecological roles of exploited sea cucumbers; and multidecadal spatial and temporal variation in phytoplankton diversity in south-eastern Australia.
Brazilian sardine, Sardinella brasiliensis) and demersal resources (i.
In the third position, demersal fish landings last April reached 23,776 tons logging a 2.
Omani waters are rich in many types of marine life, such as crustaceans and mollusks along with Pelagic and Demersal fish particularly sardines, which is a traditional seafood and rich in protein and fat.
Omani waters are home to many types of marine life, such as crustaceans and molluscs, along with Pelagic and Demersal fish, and particularly sardines, which is a traditional seafood and rich in protein and fat.
Marking the World Fisheries Day, which was commemorated on November 21, Bin Fahd said comparative studies which were done to measure demersal fish stocks in the Emirates sound a warning for the outcome of the status of fisheries, if natural pressures and unsustainable fishing practices continue at the current rates.
The demersal species with high economical values are mainly caught and landed by the bottom trawl fishing fleet (Dimech et al.
Other changes include demersal otter trawled northern prawns from the Skagerrack and Norwegian Deep that have moved from a 4 (Fish to Avoid) to a 2 (Fish to Eat).
This will become a primary feeding area for demersal (bottom dwelling) fish off the coast of Fujairah.