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Either of two isomeric pale-yellow toxic organophosphorous liquids, C8H19O3PS2 or C8H19O3PS2, used as systemic insecticides.

[d(i)- + e(thyl) + me(rcaptan) + t(hi)on(ate), salt or ester of a thionic acid (thion- + -ate).]


a toxic organic chemical compound with formula C6H15O3PS2, primarily used as an insecticide
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Thiodemeton, Ditionsystox, Paraxon, BSI, Demeton (E 600), Mevin Phos, ISD: EPN, Schradan, Metacide, Methyl Parathion, Monocrotophos, Dicrotophos.
los dimetoxy tales como el azinfos, bromofos, clorotion, co toxifos, dicapton, diclorvos dicrotofos, dimetoato, fention, malation, mevinfos, paration, fosfamidon, temefos, triclorfon; y los dietoxy tales como carbofenotion, clorfenvifos, clorpyrifos, coumafos, demeton, diazinon, dioxation, disu foton, etion, metosfolan, paration, forato, fosfolan, entre otros.
Se emplea para combatirlo Demeton a 50 g de MA/hl, o bien Paration a 20-35 g de MA/hl, o Pirazoxon a 40 g de MA/hl.