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Noun1.demi-glaze - sauce Espagnole with extra beef stock simmered down and seasoned with dry wine or sherry
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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It comes with wonderful crispy Yukon gold potatoes, green beans and a peppercorn demi-glaze. It costs $48, but you'd struggle to spend a better $48 in this corner of the Sunshine State.
Main Course - Pollo Gambretti, seabass served with an orange, honey and wholegrain mustard sauce or sirloin steak served in a classic mushroom, onion and demi-glaze sauce.
The veal rolls stuffed with ham, asparagus and cheese were over-cooked and dried and the marsala sauce was an over-reduced cloying demi-glaze.
Wood Grilled Tenderloin in a port demi-glaze tops the list at $30, and there's a Porcini Dusted New York Strip at $28.
They are then served on a bed of six cheese pasta purses accompanied with braised baby carrots and topped with a Morrell mushroom cabernet demi-glaze.
Add four teaspoons of demi-glaze or Bisto, the wine, two teaspoons of wholegrain mustard and redcurrant jelly to half a pint of water in a saucepan.
With five sauces to choose from I plumped for the Diana (onions, mushrooms, demi-glaze brandy and cream), which was poured over my meat from a separate dish at our table.
For the bolognese: minced rabbit leg; 1 finely diced onion; garlic cloves, crushed finely; tomato puree; 168ml port; 150ml red wine; 1 bay leaf; thyme; 750ml brown chicken stock; 645ml demi-glaze (available from gourmet shops).