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Noun1.demiglace - sauce Espagnole with extra beef stock simmered down and seasoned with dry wine or sherry
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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Omitting any of the half dozen beloved core dishes probably would provoke a lawsuit, so the kitchen keeps it new with a daily parade of specials grouped under Smaller Plates ("White Castle" sliders offer foie gras and beef tenderloin on a butter-grilled sweet bun with demiglace and bearnaise) and Carpe Diem (porcini-dusted, pan-seared, truffle-buttered sea scallops were a recent tour de force).
The voice-over narrator provides a highly metaphorical description of what New York City smelled like to children from a small town: "In the hot August afternoon, the city was reduced, like a long-simmering demiglace, to a fragrance of stunning richness and complexity" [Figure 7].
Filet Mignon of Beef Tenderloin with roasted garlic mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet Maui Onion Confit with a Burgundy DemiGlace
95), which featured a thick, tender fillet, on top of a puff-pastry square, with foie gras and a mushroom demiglace.
Hungry diners in those early days flocked to Jens' to eat his renowned pepper steak, succulent ground veal and pork meatballs and fresh salmon and halibut, as well as more exotic fare from his hand-written menu: grilled Hawaiian tuna with wasabi butter, Portuguese sardines in extra-virgin olive oil, medallions of red deer in blackberry demiglace, a mixed grill of beef, venison sausage, andouille and squab, pan-fried filet of white sturgeon meuniere.
For the potatoes: 4 fingerling potatoes, peeled 1 sprig thyme 1 bay leaf For the leek: 1 leek, white and pale green part only For the vinaigrette: 1/4 cup sherry vinegar 1/2 cup blended oil (90% canola, 10% extra-virgin olive oil) Truffle oil to taste Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste For the mushrooms: 1 tablespoon canola oil 1/2 ounce butter 4 ounces small trumpet royale mushrooms, sliced lengthwise Pinch of thyme leaves Salt to taste For the scallops: 2 tablespoons canola oil 8 diver scallops 1 ounce butter Pinch of thyme leaves Salt to taste For the garnish: Truffle oil Veal demiglace Chervil sprigs Alvarinho-Trajadura "Auratus" Quinta do Felta Minho, Portugal 2006 For the potatoes: In pot of salted water, place potatoes, thyme and bay leaf, and bring to boil.
What's for dinner: Elk short loin with roasted fingerling hash and a cherry demiglace, nori- and sesame-dusted tuna with crispy lotus chips.
Items such as antelope, "Texas wild boar", venison medallions topped with foie gras and Madeira demiglace, reindeer sausage served with an omelet and melted cheese are popular choices.
50), served with soft cheddar cheese polenta, southwest demiglace (cilantro and jicama slaw) and fried Julienne tortillas strips and a side order of basil/balsamic pasta salad.
Offered in the form of Brown or White Liquid Roux - the former has been developed for use as a demiglace sauce and the latter is ideal for dishes requiring a bechamel-style finish.
Executive Chef Otis Huemmer will serve Farm Raised Venison Tenderloin with Black Currant Demiglace, local plank salmon and Creme Brulee, using milk free of rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone).
Best Over-the-Top Steak Sandwich: The litle tenderloin slidsers with pan-seared foie gras topped with Bearnaise and demiglace on a grilled mini garlic bun at Beach Bistro lift indulgence to a lofty new level.