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(ˈdɛmɪˌluːn; -ˌljuːn)
1. (Fortifications) fortifications an outwork in front of a fort, shaped like a crescent moon
2. a crescent-shaped object or formation; half-moon
[C18: from French, literally: half-moon]


(ˈdɛm ɪˌlun)

a crescent or half-moon shape.
[1720–30; < French: half moon. See demi-, lune]
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Handpainted demilune chest with curved doors, $1,929; Lakeside Moulding, 5300 Hwy.
26 Kikuchi K, et al reported that the rat sublingual gland accumulates amyloid protein in the parenchyma and changes the properties of secretory granules of the acinar cells in the serous demilune with ageing.
Lexington updates Its Liz Claiborne Home line with this French Evolution hand-painted silver-finish demilune with scalloped edges and hand-applied distressing.
Two matched blue chairs were recovered in the same red tones; and Roberts found a demilune hall table in red, hand-painted with birds and palms, along with a painted Asian entry screen that carries color through the room.
Bassett debuted three versions of bath vanities, a demilune added to its existing New Traditions collection, and two rectangular vanities in Louis Philipe and country French styles.
CA VI has been localized in the serous acinar and demilune cells of the human parotid and submandibular glands [5], from where it is secreted into saliva.