tr.v. de·mined, de·min·ing, de·mines
To remove, deactivate, or safely detonate land mines in (an area).
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But Yim's firm, named Demine Robotics, aims to provide children with the thing he missed out on during his youth, the freedom to roam.
"Sapper units continue efforts to demine liberated regions of the former Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees.
Amman, May 7 (Petra) -- An official source at the command of the Jordan Armed Forces said Tuesday that Israeli army will remove and detonate anti-tank landmines on its side of the borders with Jordan within a routine operation to demine the area near Wadi Araba.
The landmines, planted on Algeria's eastern borders with Tunisia and western with Morocco, are dated back to the French colonial era, Algerian army command noted in a statement, adding that the specialized units were able to demine around 4,441.
In 1998, the two countries signed a peace agreement and began joint efforts to demine the shared border.
He said that Red Cross committee should exert India to demine the areas of LOC.
A press release issued by the Ministry said it decided to go ahead and have NAMSA demine the mine-fields along the Syrian border and it began talks with this agency.
The organisation will also transfer the efficient and safe clearance method to the Cambodia Mine Action Centre, with the aim of enhancing its capacity and accelerating its efforts to demine Cambodia.
The SOF "A-Teams" trained at Fort Leonard Wood deploy to different theaters around the world to train the indigenous population how to demine. The humanitarian demining training is a two-week "train-the-trainer" course covering the complete demining process.
In a relevant development on Monday, a Russian military source announced that a total of 100 Russian military engineers and dog trainers will be sent to Syria to help demine Palmyra.