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tr.v. de·mined, de·min·ing, de·mines
To remove, deactivate, or safely detonate land mines in (an area).
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In the past 24 hours, 33 hectares of the territory of Deir Ezzur city and its suburbs, six kilometers of roads, and 35 buildings were demined, 963 explosives were discovered and destroyed," the center said in a statement, Sputnik reported.
The project will also ensure that priority areas are demined and immediate post-crisis
More than 4,000 houses for formerly displaced persons, a health clinic and a school is set to be constructed in two Afghan villages, Demarcy and Salihan in the Panjwayw district, which have been demined.
In total, they have demined about 20,056 sq km of land, excluding the Blue Line.
Kakar hoped that the contaminated areas in Herat would be cleared by 2018 and the whole country demined by 2023.
Over the past 22 years, a 19,000 kilometres square area has been cleared of mines and unexploded ordnance but a 6,000-km area is yet to be demined.
The Ministry said inline with Law no 5903, the mine fields would be demined through service procurement method, that comprises of the stages of preparation, tender, implementation and approval and certification which would also involve the construction of a physical border security system.
He said during their visit, which it organized by the center and UNICEF, the Iraqis will learn how Cambodia manages to clear the land mines and unexploded ordnance and how it divides demined land among local residents for crop production, among other things.
By the beginning of 2005, the area near Nicosia airport had been demined, with 1,203 mines, 874 anti-tank and 329 anti-personnel mines removed.
Level Three Surveys are the final reports that determine that the area is demined after operations.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced in a statement that 34 hectares of Deir Ezzur city districts have been demined by Russian sappers in the last 24 hours.