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tr.v. de·min·er·al·ized, de·min·er·al·iz·ing, de·min·er·al·iz·es
To remove minerals or mineral salts from (a liquid).

de·min′er·al·i′zer n.


(diːˈmɪnərəˌlaɪzə) or


a substance or device that causes demineralization
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Four bed demineraliser plant capacity 300 lph with digital conductivity meter similar to model acam3 300 lph of aquoion.
Our range contains Mineral Water Plant, Reverse Osmosis Water Plant, Water Softener Plant, Demineraliser Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant.
Water used was demineralised by Barnstead demineraliser and then distilled in all-glass apparatus to ensure that the distilled water used did that not contribute to the [BOD.
Aquatech has announced that it has received a repeat order to build a mixed bed demineraliser plant in Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation And Training Of Personal For Portable Demineraliser Similar To Make: Ion Exchange India Model: Ca-10/U Or Aquatek/Thermax.
We already had a water treatment plant including a demineraliser system for recovering some of the rinse water but over time it was no longer performing as we wanted" said Jonathan Buckley, Quality & Financial Manager at Colour Anodising.
Limited tenders are invited for procurement of water demineraliser plant
Environmental Water Systems (UK) Ltd are a leading supplier of demineraliser and reverse osmosis units for the production of high quality rinse water and process solution make-up water to the metal finishing industry.
Tenders are invited for Four Bed Demineraliser Plant Capacity 300 Lph With Digital Conductivity Meter Note - Outer Water Should Have 1 Conductivity - Less Than 5 Micro Ohm/Cm 2 Ph - 6.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of A Building For Installing Water Softner And Demineraliser Plant At Fbd Salem
Tenders are invited for Four Bed Demineraliser Plant Of Capacity 300 Lph With Digital Conductivity Meter And Installation Similar To Model Acamb 300 Lph Of Aquoion Purification System Make :- Aquoion Of Aps, Watco Techniques, Toyota Chemical Industries, Jal Ecotech India Pvt.