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tr.v. de·min·er·al·ized, de·min·er·al·iz·ing, de·min·er·al·iz·es
To remove minerals or mineral salts from (a liquid).

de·min′er·al·i′zer n.
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(diːˈmɪnərəˌlaɪzə) or


a substance or device that causes demineralization
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To improve water preparation, Inalca replaced the demineralizer (DEMI) plant with a Nalco Water reverse osmosis system that efficiently removes dissolved solids and contaminants from the water.
Items Technical quantity Power factor (p) NSSS main component Thermal power (MWt) 0.5 Main turbine Electric power (MWe) 0.62 Pump Flow rate (gpm) 0.63 Tank NSSS Capacity 0.8 BOP Capacity 0.65 Heat exchange NSSS Heat transfer rate 0.5 BOP Heat transfer rate 0.51 Blower Capacity (cfm) 0.77 AHU, ACU Capacity (cfm) 0.75 Air compressor Capacity 0.78 Cubicle cooler Capacity 0.71 Filter Flow rate (gpm) 0.62 Demineralizer Flow rate (gpm) 0.6 FW heater Flow rate (gpm) 0.55 Emergency D/G Power (kW) 0.6 Chiller Capacity (RT) 0.74 Crane Capacity (TN) 0.6 Aux boiler Capacity (b/hr) 0.6 Transformer MVA 0.6 Battery AMP 0.6 Switchgear BKR 0.6 Charger AMP 0.6 TABLE 10: Variance in voltage during the plant start-up condition (Cat.
916 Cornwall Ave., $131,635 for commercial: pre-engineered steel building addition to demineralizer building: enclose existing water filters and provide freeze protection.
The technology supplied by Aquatech is a mixed bed demineralizer of 130 cubic meters per hour capacity.
The water recirculation system utilizes a 53 liter tank, pump strainer and demineralizer filter cartridge.
A demineralizer filter purifies input water, and an electronic humidity sensor provides accuracy and reliability with minimal maintenance on humidity models.
"As a starter, the sulfate anion that is the counterbalancing anion to the positively charged [Al.sup.+3] species in the molecule caused an immediate decrease in anion demineralizer unit performance.
Equipment outside the PAB supplied decontamination chemicals, clean demineralizer resins, and clean water for sluicing resins.
Covers: raw water treatment; clarification; lime-soda softening; filtration; demineralizer; cooling water treatment; and pumping systems.