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 (dē-mŏj′ə-lāt′, -mŏd′yə-)
tr.v. de·mod·u·lat·ed, de·mod·u·lat·ing, de·mod·u·lates
To extract (information) from a modulated carrier wave.

de·mod′u·la′tor n.
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Noun1.demodulator - rectifier that extracts modulation from a radio carrier wavedemodulator - rectifier that extracts modulation from a radio carrier wave
radio receiver, radio set, receiving set, tuner, radio, wireless - an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals
rectifier - electrical device that transforms alternating into direct current
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In addition to the new modulator, the X-Series also features update in its hardware design for its DVB-S2x contribution demodulator, a platform that supports the DVB-S2x DSNG and professional services profiles.
After the optical transmission path, a modeling is going on by a demodulator block, in which the signal after passing through the optical path model is entering [12-15].
For terrestrial broadcast applications, Silicon Labs holds the industry's highest DVB-T2 demodulator market share in the TV industry.
The CapaNCDT 6200 can be expanded by simply adding a DL6220 demodulator, which provides an Ethernet interface, supporting fast and easy configuration through a web browser.
Typical QPSK demodulator needs SNR of 10 dB to produce BER of 10-6 [1].
Section 2 formulates the linear calibration problem and the used algorithm to boost the linearity of six-port-based receiver systems, Section 3 provides the technical details of the implemented low-IF receiver using I-Q demodulator, Section 4 details the measurement setup used for evaluating the performances of the implemented and calibrated sixport based receiver and the commercial low-IF receiver, Section 5 provides the results and comparisons, and Section 6 concludes the paper and provides some final comments and observations.
ParkerVision's PVD2510R Demodulator delivers the highest dynamic range and linearity in its class with an IIP3 of +15dBm and an IIP2 of +72dBm at 882 MHz, while operating at an ultra-low power consumption of less than 47mW.
This paper discusses the different IEEE 802.11 standards and proposes 1 Mbps data rate in DSSS technique employing Barker code for the digital modulator and demodulator of the RFID tag to be used in the transmitter and receiver section.
Mr.Kulkarni further added, "GL's FaxDD(TM) (Fax Demodulator and Decoder) is a licensed software application that processes 2-Wire or 4-Wire captures.
The CMX973 forms the basis of a high-performance RF transceiver system combining a flexible IF/RF quadrature modulator and quadrature demodulator, in a single chip.
To address this phenomenon, set the demodulator to demodulate longer blocks of symbols (up to 4,096) and allow averaging to have its smoothing effect.
At the receiver side we have the PPM demodulator that generates soft outputs fed into the turbo decoders.