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1. An evil supernatural being; a devil.
2. A persistently tormenting person, force, or passion: the demon of drug addiction.
3. One who is extremely zealous, skillful, or diligent: worked away like a demon; a real demon at math.
4. Variant of daimon.

[Middle English, from Late Latin daemōn, from Latin, spirit, from Greek daimōn, divine power; see dā- in Indo-European roots.]

de·mon′ic (-mŏn′ĭk) adj.
de·mon′i·cal·ly adv.


(dɪˈmɒnɪk) or


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a demon; fiendish
2. inspired or possessed by a demon, or seemingly so: demonic laughter.
deˈmonically adv


or dae•mon•ic

(dɪˈmɒn ɪk)

also de•mon′i•cal,

1. inspired as if by a demon, indwelling spirit, or genius.
[1655–65; < Late Latin daemonicus < Greek daimonikós]
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Adj.1.demonic - extremely evil or crueldemonic - extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell; "something demonic in him--something that could be cruel"; "fires lit up a diabolic scene"; "diabolical sorcerers under the influence of devils"; "a fiendish despot"; "hellish torture"; "infernal instruments of war"; "satanic cruelty"; "unholy grimaces"
evil - morally bad or wrong; "evil purposes"; "an evil influence"; "evil deeds"


demoniac demoniacal
2. frenzied, mad, furious, frantic, hectic, manic, crazed, frenetic, maniacal, like one possessed a demonic drive to succeed


[dɪˈmɒnɪk] ADJ
1. (lit) [forces, possession, influence] → demoníaco
2. (fig) = demoniacal


daemonic [dɪˈmɒnɪk] adj
(= devilish) [forces, grin] → démoniaque
(= outstanding) [energy, drive, ability] → redoutable


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