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1. The study of demons.
2. Belief in demons.
3. A list or catalog of one's enemies: "As the years passed [the magazine's] demonology expanded to include Bolsheviks, radicals, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, Government work programs or aid programs of any kind" (Maggie Nichols).

de′mon·o·log′ic (-ə-lŏj′ĭk), de′mon·o·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
de′mon·ol′o·gist n.
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The demonologist couple, Ed and Loraine, decide to contain the demon doll Annabelle in a sacred glass case in their residence.
Summary: Washington D.C [U.S.A], Apr 20 (ANI): Paranormal investigator and demonologist Lorraine Warren whose profession inspired horror films like 'The Conjuring' and the 'The Amityville Horror', died at the age of 92 on Friday.
Also present will be Lee Steer, founder of Ghosts of Britain and Paranormal Magazine, who owns the doll and Gert J Brouwer, a paranormal researcher and demonologist, will be travelling from Netherlands to attend.
The prequel delivers plenty of jump scares, as demonologist Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) helps a teen who's being terrorised by an evil supernatural entity.
The crimes occurred between 1987 and 1999, during which time Love travelled the globe doing talks and lectures on the paranormal after becoming a practising demonologist and renowned "exorcist".
"As the Time Bureau is distrustful of and ill-equipped to deal with magic, the Legends must team up with everyone's favorite demonologist to set history back on track," reads the latter part of the synopsis.
My partner Steve, on the other hand, who I've been with for 17 years, is very supportive because he's also a spiritual person.' And outside of her family, there's a lot of confusion about what a demonologist actually does - some people think Kelly is an exorcist.
As a demonologist, Shakespeare is closer to Reginald Scot and Samuel Harsnett than to James I, Jean Bodin, Nicholas Remy, or most other authors of demonologies in his lifetime.
Eric Bana plays Ralph Sarchie, a real life cop who became a 'demonologist' with plenty of Bronx stories up his sleeve.