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1. Capable of being demonstrated or proved: demonstrable truths.
2. Obvious or apparent: demonstrable lies.

de·mon′stra·bil′i·ty, de·mon′stra·ble·ness n.
de·mon′stra·bly adv.
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Noun1.demonstrability - capability of being demonstrated or logically proved
indisputability, indubitability, unquestionability, unquestionableness - the quality of being beyond question or dispute or doubt
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Meyer has put it, by equally fundamental questions about "the relation of scholarly Jews to their texts and traditions, their history and sociology," and its legacy continues to be marked by tensions between an insiderism and the kind of scientific aspirations toward objectivity (or truth, or at least demonstrability) we take for granted in all modern scholarly disciplines.
Far from threatening to make divine revelation redundant, the demonstrability of God's existence makes revelation all the more desirable and urgent."
System characteristics comprise perceived ease of use, output quality, job relevance, and result demonstrability. Social influence "captures various social processes and mechanisms that guide individuals to formulate perceptions of various aspects of an IT" (Venkatesh & Bala, 2008, p.
Though, Davis observed that the perceived usefulness is the strongest predictor of an individual's intention to adopt an information technology yet, several researchers continued to extended TAM model from time to time and introduce many other factors to the model, such as subjective norm, perceived behavioural control and self-efficacy as a moderator for the behaviour construct (the intention to use) apart from additional belief factors such as trial-ability, visibility, or result demonstrability as a moderator for the attitude towards usage.
Extending on Venkatesh and Davis (2000), perceived usefulness results from the effects of cognitive instrumental processes that include: (1) benefits resulting from use, (2) cognitive matching of task objectives with the consequences of forecasting technique use, and (3) result demonstrability (i.e., the tangibility of the results of using a particular technique).
The variables studied by Moore and Benbasat (1991) are: Compatibility; Complexity; Observability; Testability; Relative Advantage; Visibility and Demonstrability of Results.
However, since ultrasonographic imaging is user and device dependent, and current high resolution ultrasonography devices have increased the demonstrability of 2-9 mm follicles, the threshold value of follicles for PCOS diagnosis is controversial.
A low tariff could plausibly be argued to be a reasonable means to finance some governmental activities of general value, with the recognition that I am speaking of plausibility and not demonstrability.
Findings revealed that behavioural compatibility with cloud computing, relative advantage, compatibility, image, visibility, ease of use, results demonstrability and trial ability are positively associated with the intention to use cloud computing.