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v. dem·on·strat·ed, dem·on·strat·ing, dem·on·strates
1. To show clearly and deliberately; manifest: demonstrated her skill as a gymnast; demonstrate affection by hugging.
2. To show to be true by reasoning or adducing evidence; prove: demonstrate a proposition.
3. To present by experiments, examples, or practical application; explain and illustrate: demonstrated the laws of physics with laboratory equipment.
4. To show the use of (an article) to a prospective buyer: The salesperson plugged in and demonstrated the vacuum cleaner.
1. To give a demonstration: described the dance step, then took a partner and demonstrated.
2. To participate in a public display of opinion: demonstrated against tax hikes.

[Latin dēmōnstrāre, dēmōnstrāt- : dē-, completely; see de- + mōnstrāre, to show (from mōnstrum, divine portent, from monēre, to warn; see men- in Indo-European roots).]
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Adj.1.demonstrated - having been demonstrated or verified beyond doubt
incontestable, incontestible - incapable of being contested or disputed
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In another point it was demonstrated that the old documents were at fault.
Once Magua appeared disposed to make another and a final effort to revenge his losses; but, abandoning his intention as soon as demonstrated, he leaped into a thicket of bushes, through which he was followed by his enemies, and suddenly entered the mouth of the cave already known to the reader.
I had demonstrated to my satisfaction that it could not tell how high a mountain was, therefore I had no real use for it.
She was an apt woman; and a little experience soon demonstrated, to her satisfaction, that education and slavery were incom- patible with each other.
Jaggers had risen when Joe demonstrated, and had backed near the door.
All that it really demonstrated was that our future would be the same as our past, and that the sin we had done once, and with loathing, we would do many times, and with joy.
The incompetency of the Articles of Confederation for the management of the affairs of the Union at home and abroad was demonstrated to them by the painful and mortifying experience of every day.
The experiment has, however, demonstrated that this expectation was ill-founded and illusory; and the observations, made under the last head, will, I imagine, have sufficed to convince the impartial and discerning, that there is an absolute necessity for an entire change in the first principles of the system; that if we are in earnest about giving the Union energy and duration, we must abandon the vain project of legislating upon the States in their collective capacities; we must extend the laws of the federal government to the individual citizens of America; we must discard the fallacious scheme of quotas and requisitions, as equally impracticable and unjust.
At last a long article appeared, on the 7th of October, in the bulletin of the Royal Geographical Society, which treated the question from every point of view, and demonstrated the utter folly of the enterprise.
Some of such things have been hit upon in the last resort of surgery; most of the kindred evidence that will recur to your mind has been demonstrated as it were by accident,--by tyrants, by criminals, by the breeders of horses and dogs, by all kinds of untrained clumsy-handed men working for their own immediate ends.
The reports published by them of their expedition demonstrated the practicability of establishing a line of communication across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
A close investigation demonstrated to me that there was nothing missing from them.