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Adj.1.demonstrative of - serving to prove or demonstrate; "the oath of office is...demonstrative of the legislative opinion on this subject"- John Marshall
supportive - furnishing support or assistance; "a supportive family network"; "his family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer"
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The couple is known to be demonstrative of their affection for each other, constantly sharing their sweetness to fans online.
[See AJR Editor and Senior Vice President Rem Rieder's column, "Too Zany for The Onion,"] I will argue that the Post's story that Sarah Palin was joining Al Jazeera is demonstrative of a mind-set of many journalists toward the former governor.
To deny assistance to schemes which have positive impacts on people in Grangetown, St Mellons, Llanrumney, Rumney, Trowbridge, Fairwater and Roath is demonstrative of the WAG's failure to see the bigger picture.
He highlights the case of India as demonstrative of "monitory" democracy after his survey of the evolution of democratic institutions in ancient Greece, the United States, Latin America, and Europe.
The DWR financing is demonstrative of the firm's growing utilities practice.'
Demonstrative of the increased commitment that education institutions are making to e-learning, participants shared how their institutions were extending and increasing their commitment to online platforms in order to continue to provide robust, stable, scalable systems which meet the rapidly expanding expectations of users.
"It is demonstrative of the premium placed on extra width and park block location, even in a seemingly sluggish retail market."
These new lines, together with panel operations in Ammanford, are demonstrative of our commitment to aggressively grow our position in the UK and Ireland composite panels market.'
Their emergent curriculum not only highlights their fortitude, it is demonstrative of problems faced daily at their school and with school funding in general.