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1. Serving to manifest or prove.
2. Involving or characterized by demonstration.
3. Given to or marked by the open expression of emotion: an affectionate and demonstrative family.
4. Grammar Specifying or singling out the person or thing referred to: the demonstrative pronouns these and that.
n. Grammar
A demonstrative pronoun or adjective.

de·mon′stra·tive·ly adv.
de·mon′stra·tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.demonstratively - in a demonstrative manner; "he greeted her demonstratively"
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[dɪˈmɒnstrətɪvlɪ] ADVefusivamente, calurosamente
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In this case, both the active and passive understanding of words is different from what it is when words are used demonstratively. The child is not seeing a motor, but only remembering one; the hearer does not look round in expectation of seeing a motor coming, but "understands" that a motor came at some earlier time.
Thus it seems that we must maintain our distinction words used demonstratively describe and are intended to lead to sensations, while the same words used in narrative describe and are only intended to lead to images.
The language-habit consists not merely in the use of words demonstratively, but also in their use to express narrative or desire.
'Slackbridge, y'or over hetter in't; y'or a goen too fast!' But these were pigmies against an army; the general assemblage subscribed to the gospel according to Slackbridge, and gave three cheers for him, as he sat demonstratively panting at them.
The dog, a vivacious and amiable animal which for some inscrutable reason had bestowed his friendship on my unworthy self, rushed up the bank demonstratively and insinuated himself under my arm.
It struck Arthur that the noise began demonstratively far off, as though Mr Pancks sought to impress on any one who might happen to think about it, that he was working on from out of hearing.
Mr Fledgeby also took a chair, though less demonstratively, and by slow approaches removed his hand from his nose.
Trubisky will struggle again, but Sunday was the quantum leap we've been looking for with all the tools Ryan Pace craved when he moved demonstratively to make him a Bear.
Why so far no punitive measure has been taken against the country that has been demonstratively neglecting such resolutions, as well as consistently violating the requirements of the statute of CoE?," asked Huseynov.
Two years ago, Al-Shabab FC goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah became the first Saudi soccer player to be publicly humiliated when a referee delayed kick-off of a Saudi premier league match to cut the goalkeeper's hair because his hairstyle was deemed un-Islamic and by implication subversive--a threat that needed to be dealt with immediately and demonstratively.
The swing happened despite the centrist coalition government putting razor wire on Austria's border with Hungary, deporting thousands of refugees and demonstratively excluding Greece from the summit that effectively closed the Balkan route.
A just-married young couple, Gontran and Helene, is stymied on their wedding night by their utter ignorance of the usual agenda for that occasion; and they're given no help by either her maiden aunt or Ins ailing grandfather (both unseen) or by his garrulous tutor (very much seen and heard), a demonstratively learned man of the cloth who has taught his pupil everything but.