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1. Serving to manifest or prove.
2. Involving or characterized by demonstration.
3. Given to or marked by the open expression of emotion: an affectionate and demonstrative family.
4. Grammar Specifying or singling out the person or thing referred to: the demonstrative pronouns these and that.
n. Grammar
A demonstrative pronoun or adjective.

de·mon′stra·tive·ly adv.
de·mon′stra·tive·ness n.
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Noun1.demonstrativeness - tending to express your feelings freely
emotionalism, emotionality - emotional nature or quality
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He was too happy when she volunteered to kiss him to mind by what means he got her demonstrativeness. He discovered that she found Sundays at home tedious, so he went down to Herne Hill in the morning, met her at the end of the road, and went to church with her.
By then, all your parents' little gestures--the fervent cheering at soccer games, the weekend family excursions, the endless hugging--all that demonstrativeness had grown to feel suffocating and obligatory, as though your parents were acting out what they'd read in adoptive-parenting books, dotting their I's and crossing their T's.
Distinctive features of patients with hypertension were demonstrativeness and hyperthymity.
In their case, the most important determining or accelerating factors are taste and smell alterations (they emerge mainly as side effects of long-term use of certain pharmacological products), residual mental disorders left untreated during younger years, cognitive deficit, bereavement, loneliness (easily entailing depression), and demonstrativeness (to draw the attention of others) (7, 8).
The frequency of the appeal function led to the creation of those types of organizations that approach it by answering the phone calls of those who convey a "cry for help." The concept of appeal points to demonstrativeness traits in the personality of these subjects, who, often enough, are histrionic personalities.
This section will also explore how Adela's concept of "mass" as a symbolic force can work toward the demonstrativeness of Williams's narrative objectives.
And Lady Geraldine is noted for her animation and demonstrativeness in speech, as well as for her faint Hibernian inflections that distinguish her from both common Irishwomen and common English ladies.