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Adj.1.demoralised - made less hopeful or enthusiastic; "desperate demoralized people looking for work"; "felt discouraged by the magnitude of the problem"; "the disheartened instructor tried vainly to arouse their interest"
pessimistic - expecting the worst possible outcome
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"I didn't bring anything " began Rose, but was interrupted by the Brats (otherwise Will and Geordie), who appeared bearing the big bundle, so much demoralised by its fall that a red flannel tunic trailed out at one end and a little blue dressing-gown at the other, while the knobs proved to be a toilet-case, rubbers, and a silver mug.
There will be proper guidelines for people to ensure that party cadre is not demoralised at a time when unitedly we need to build the party," he told ANI.
Now the Music Copyright Society of Kenya has demoralised them even more by paying them Sh2,500, a payment they termed as 'peanuts'.
He said Rainsy had incited the army to go against its leadership and the government, and he had also demoralised the army.
Besides the wanting equipment, the staff are also highly demoralised as without aircraft, they cannot make any useful contribution to the efforts to up the fight against crime.
Too much criticism cannot do any good.'Afridi further went on to advise players not to get demoralised with this criticism and take it as a challenge.
'Those who get demoralised can never achieve their potential.
Pakistan is passing through the most difficult and uncertain phase of its existence and as a result pessimism is ruling the roost in every sector of our demoralised society.
JENNY MEADOWS admits she's been left demoralised by the state of athletics as she heads to Beijing for the World Championships.
JENNY MEADOWS admits to being "very demoralised" by the state of athletics as she heads to Beijing for the World Championships.
If you are not demoralised, we shall defeat them," Rahul said in an interaction with party workers via Google Hangout.
Health service union Unison said staff were demoralised over the closure of one orthopaedic ward and the redeployment of 50 staff from Prince Philip hospital in Llanelli.