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Once subjected to the chromatic taint, every parental and every childish Circle would demoralize each other.
She became what would have been called a fine creature; her aspect was fair and arresting; her soul that of a woman whom the turbulent experiences of the last year or two had quite failed to demoralize. But for the world's opinion those experiences would have been simply a liberal education.
He said the bomb attack was an attempt to create fear among the citizens, adding such cowardly attacks could not demoralize the nation.
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Director General Aaron Aquino on Wednesday slammed the murder of a PDEA agent in Camarines Sur, as he said the killing was meant to demoralize other drug busters.
"Nobody can demoralize the Azerbaijani state, no one can avert the state from national principles and ideas.
It can demoralize and discourage the employees of FBR who had just recently been successful in making an unprecedented accomplishment of surpassing a massive collection target of Rs 3104 Billion during financial year 2015-16.
President GE-l made a speech during the event and delivered his message to the business world calling them not demoralize due to tense political environment and keep focusing on their businesses.
New Delhi, Jan.12, ( ANI ): Criticizing m dmi Party (P) leader Prashant Bhushan over his statement about a referendum based deployment of forces in Naxal hit areas, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday strongly condemned his statement saying this will demoralize the armed forces fighting against the Naxals.
More common than the screaming bucho, and in some ways more harmful, is the bucho whose clever wit works to demoralize his staff.