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tr.v. de·my·e·lin·at·ed, de·my·e·lin·at·ing, de·my·e·lin·ates
To destroy or remove the myelin sheath of (a nerve fiber), as through disease.

de·my′e·lin·a′tion n.
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the removal or destruction of the myelin sheath surrounding a nerve
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Noun1.demyelination - loss of the myelin covering of some nerve fibers resulting in their impaired function
degenerative disorder - condition leading to progressive loss of function
disseminated multiple sclerosis, disseminated sclerosis, MS, multiple sclerosis - a chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibers
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, demyelinization
n. desmielinización, pérdida de la capa de mielina de un nervio.
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Although the exact pathogenesis is unknown, it is likely that both a direct, vaccinia-associated acute viral encephalomyelitis and an autoimmune-mediated inflammatory reaction resulting in postvaccination demyelination (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis [ADEM]) occur (6).
The hypothesis of this study was that high levels of consumption would cause a decreased volume of the corpus callosum through possible demyelination of the neuronal axons.
Without adequate medical care, it might result from a lesion in the part of the brain that regulates breathing or from large areas of demyelination that interfere with life-supporting systems in the body.
A component of the bacterial cell wall continues to induce demyelination even when the bacteria are dead, he says.
Despite the decrease in VLCFA, clinical studies have indicated that LO failed to stop the progressive demyelination, suggesting that erucic acid, the active component of LO, did not cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).
In response to this need, nurses must develop a basic understanding of the proposed etiology of MS as well as of the pathophysiology of demyelination and the ionic basis of nerve conduction.
This chronic demyelination may be going on for years after the initial injury.
OPC1 is an oligodendrocyte progenitor cell population derived from human embryonic stem cells, has been shown in preclinical testing in animals and in vitro to have three potentially reparative functions that address the complex pathologies observed in demyelination disorders, such as spinal cord injuries, and multiple neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis and white matter stroke.
[11] On the other hand, demyelination is the effect of damage or injury done to the myelin sheaths that can lead to slowing down of conduction and transmission of signals in the nervous system.
An MRI brain with MR angiogram and venogram was done which did not reveal any infarct/ bleed/ demyelination or any mass lesion.
Angiostrongylus invades the central nervous system and causes neurons' demyelination, eosinophilic encephalitis, and meningoencephalitis.