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Adj.1.demythologised - having mythical elements removed
rational - consistent with or based on or using reason; "rational behavior"; "a process of rational inference"; "rational thought"
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The key challenge for George and his compatriots is that behind this jargon is an army of people who actually use these words as their mother tongue and will fight to the last hyphen to prevent it being demythologised. These are people - usually with a background in "human resource management" - who will see any attempt to subvert their language as an assault on their hard earned status as "key workers", interacting with "work partners", and, externally, with "user groups", "community champions" and "key stakeholders".
One is the inevitable decline of a system of hereditary monarchy, once it has been demythologised. I remember being howled down at junior school when I asserted the Queen had to go to the loo like the rest of us.
The series popularised and demythologised the world of industry by dissecting the fortunes of businesses around the UK.