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tr.v. de·my·thol·o·gized, de·my·thol·o·giz·ing, de·my·thol·o·giz·es
1. To rid of mythological elements in order to discover the underlying meaning: demythologize biblical legends.
2. To remove the mysterious or mythical aspects from: "providing an antiheroic age with heroes suitably demythologized, yet also grand" (John Simon).

de′my·thol′o·gi·za′tion (-jĭ-zā′shən) n.
de′my·thol′o·giz′er n.
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Noun1.demythologization - the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms
faith, religion, religious belief - a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality"
restatement - a revised statement
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Granted, there are clearly vital differences between the two thinkers; it's difficult to imagine Kierkegaard enthused about Bultmann's programme of demythologization, for instance.
Both poles of the dialectic contain themes of sin, redemption, and warning, he writes, and "both draw sustenance from the other by participating in an ongoing dialectic of idealization and demythologization.
While such demythologization is perfectly valid, even necessary, to constructing modern forms of Buddhism, and while an intuition of such effects may well have provided inspiration for the original mythology, the interest here is in the mythology itself.
Dewald rightly considers the proemial (and later Helen-centered) stories of wife-stealing as demythologization, debunking the deluded and parochial self-serving versions of the logioi (cf.
To describe this event we use various words which all come down to the same thing: secularization, demythologization, disenchantment, neutralization" (ibid.
Beecher's The Life of Jesus, the Christ (1871) clearly responds to the earlier work of Strauss and Renan, but he purposefully avoids controversial topics such as the demythologization of the historical Jesus or the relative value of the gospels.
Over the years, this multilevel process had a profound effect on the demythologization of belligerent nationalism, and by extension, of nationalism's prototypes of both national leader and citizen.
The first result of this split was the demythologization of the physical world, which has taken us further and further away from the meaning of objects" (152).
In Sparke's formulation of a critical cartography, elements of Derridian deconstruction are added to demythologization in order both to recognize the hegemonic nature of most maps and to keep open the possibility of other readings.
12) What is extraordinary is just how long that demythologization has gone on, how much of Irish literature since the time of the Revival has been devoted to this enterprise.
Their work, be it imaginative or non-fictional, operates both processes of demythologization and demystification.
This work is not so much a revisionist history as it is the demythologization of a law enforcement group as famed as Scotland Yard or the Canadian Mounties.