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n. pl. den·a·ri (dĕn′är-ē)
See Table at currency.

[Macedonian, from Old Church Slavonic dinarii, from Late Greek dēnarion, from Latin dēnārius; see denary.]
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(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Macedonia, divided into 100 deni
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He says they have been continuously communicating with wineries asking them to raise the purchase price so the government will not have to introduce an intervention measure as it did last year when it raised the government subsidies by one denar per kg.
The Ministry of Economy co-financed the expenses of 25 companies, with a total of 5 million denar in budget assets, said Kuci.
If it isn't for the money from Albanian migrant worker, the denar's devaluation and the increase of prices will become unavoidable.
By the new methodology as well, the rate of exchange of the dollar against the denar and the price of crude oil and oil derivatives in world markets will be the main criteria in setting retail prices at petrol stations across the country.
Ongoing preparations for issuing the first plastic money on the Macedonian market, it regards banknotes with denominations of 10 and 50 denar which will be made of plastic and if everything goes as planned, will enter in circulation by the end of this year.
The retail price of Eurosuper BS-95 will be by 0.50 denars higher and the retail price of Euro super BS-98, Eurodiesel (D-EV) and the extra light heating oil will be by one denar higher as of 1 May, the Regulatory Energy Commission said Tuesday.
In addition to salaries and pensions, most of the expenditures are intended for subsidies for farmers, for which EUR 140 million is projected, as well as Denar 21 billion and 209 million for capital investments.
The Regulatory Energy Commission said that the latest increase was a result of the rising average price of crude oil and of the appreciation of the denar as against the dollar.
The Government proposed supporting the business sector with 1.5 million euros a month over a period of six months to help firms raise the minimum wage from 10,080 to 12,000 denars. The budget revision allocates 6 million euros to this end.