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n. pl. de·nar·i·i (-ē-ī′)
1. An ancient Roman silver coin.
2. An ancient Roman gold coin valued at 25 silver denarii.

[Middle English, from Latin dēnārius; see denary.]


n, pl -narii (-ˈnɛərɪˌaɪ)
1. (Currencies) a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
2. (Historical Terms) a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
3. (Currencies) a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii
4. (Historical Terms) a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii
[C16: from Latin: coin originally equal to ten asses, from dēnārius (adj) containing ten, from dēnī ten each, from decem ten]


(dɪˈnɛər i əs)

n., pl. -nar•i•i (-ˈnɛər iˌaɪ)
1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, orig. equal to 10 asses.
2. a gold coin of ancient Rome equal to 25 silver denarii.
[< Latin dēnārius, orig. adj.: containing ten (asses) =dēn(ī) ten each + -ārius -ary]
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Denarius Moore This trio is addition to Hakeem Nicks, who also tried out.
The MNB will present the Golden florin of Albert commemorative coin, to be issued as the fifth piece in the series, in Sopron, at the official opening ceremony of From denarius to forint history of the Hungarian currency, a travelling exhibition to be organised in cooperation of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and the University of Sopron.
Edward Besly, numismatist at Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, said: "At the time, a denarius (an ancient Roman silver coin) was about one day's pay for a legionary soldier, so the find would have represented a significant sum to its owner.
It goes like this, "Thus, more workers were hired by the owner of a vineyard, the cash payment being a denarius a day.
Company Founder Denarius Motes, a musician and music producer, knows firsthand the importance of protecting your hearing.
Britain could not even opt out of the eurozone and had to accept the denarius single currency.
A landowner hires people to work for the day, starting in the morning, at a wage of one denarius.
Deriving from the Latin word denarius, a silver coin, 240 of them were equal to one pound of silver - a livre.
The historic Lanark Silver Bell is as tough as ever to solve and Marcus Tregoning sends a rare visitor to the track with OSKAR DENARIUS (7.
I admit learning the languages was hard, but worth every denarius.
VVABYAAT held the late rally of 3-1 favourite Oskar Denarius to win Chepstow's 1m2f handicap by a short head, but the 16-1 chance had edged right into his only challenger inside the final furlong and the stewards controversially deemed the interference enough to have cost the market leader the race.