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n. pl. de·nar·i·i (-ē-ī′)
1. An ancient Roman silver coin.
2. An ancient Roman gold coin valued at 25 silver denarii.

[Middle English, from Latin dēnārius; see denary.]
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n, pl -narii (-ˈnɛərɪˌaɪ)
1. (Currencies) a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
2. (Historical Terms) a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
3. (Currencies) a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii
4. (Historical Terms) a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii
[C16: from Latin: coin originally equal to ten asses, from dēnārius (adj) containing ten, from dēnī ten each, from decem ten]
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(dɪˈnɛər i əs)

n., pl. -nar•i•i (-ˈnɛər iˌaɪ)
1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, orig. equal to 10 asses.
2. a gold coin of ancient Rome equal to 25 silver denarii.
[< Latin dēnārius, orig. adj.: containing ten (asses) =dēn(ī) ten each + -ārius -ary]
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He said the 200 broken fragments included siliquae coins and a halved, wellworn denarius made in the first century and pressed back into service as a piece of bullion.
Denarius is the name of the coin, and was an Emperor who brought stability to Rome after a series of civil wars, which led to four emperors in a year.
During the first 200 years of the ancient Roman Empire, the currency was the silver denarius. With a finite amount of silver-which factor the 'gold standard' people talk about-government spending was limited to the amount of silver held.
He contacted Sam Moorhead at the British Museum who confirmed the coin is a 2,000-year-old Roman Carausius Denarius and believed to be the only one known.
He said that country is suffering interior and external from denarius due to poor and anti state policies of Imran Khan; he said economy of country is going very low due to PTI government's wrong policies done under the directions of IMF.
She found a denarius of Matej II from 1616, a denarius of Ferdinand II from 1626, 1627, 1630, a denarius of Leopold I from 1682, a 10-haler coin of Frantisek Jozef I from 1909 and a Czechoslovak haler from 1921.
NEW frontiers await Ben Pauling this week, as the trainer has his first runner in the United States on Thursday with Oskar Denarius competing at Saratoga.
Jesus teaches us to pray for good health always, so that we may be able to work and earn a denarius, a day's wage, enough to buy the next day's food for our family.
Oskar Denarius can take his winning streak to four in the Drive Home With James Summers Signal 1 Handicap Hurdle.
UTTOXETER: 1.55 Zebi Boy, 2.30 Dashing Oscar, 3.05 Desirable Court, 3.40 VALSEUR DU GRANVAL (NAP), 4.15 The Happy Chappy, 4.50 Oskar Denarius, 5.25 Leapaway.