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1. Tenfold.
2. Divided or counted by tens; decimal.

[Latin dēnārius, from dēnī, by tens; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Mathematics) calculated by tens; based on ten; decimal
2. (Mathematics) containing ten parts; tenfold
[C16: from Latin dēnārius containing ten; see denarius]
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Adj.1.denary - containing ten or ten parts
multiple - having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual; "multiple birth"; "multiple ownership"; "made multiple copies of the speech"; "his multiple achievements in public life"; "her multiple personalities"; "a pineapple is a multiple fruit"
2.denary - numbered or proceeding by tens; based on ten; "the decimal system"
quantitative - expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement; "export wheat without quantitative limitations"; "quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture"
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Rev Mwaro, also team director of Mombasa Diocese and dean at Soweto denary, is married to Rev Martha Mwaro.
25 DM, dry matter; log, denary logarithm of the numbers; cfu, colony- forming units; FM, fresh matter; CP, crude protein; WSC, water soluble carbohydrates; BC, buffering capacity; mEq, milligram equivalent.
VoxPupils Students from St Mary's Catholic College on becoming computer whiz kids Rebecca Lavery, 14, said "We learn how to do binary and denary.