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Noun1.denationalisation - changing something from state to private ownership or control
social control - control exerted (actively or passively) by group action
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It is another organisation that we allowed tobecome loss-making with no prospect of denationalisation," Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said.
The reforms within the power sector and denationalisation must be undertaken for the betterment of the economy and for cheaper and more efficient power generation that benefits consumers.
Riyadh Airports Company, a financially and administratively independent enterprise, is handling the denationalisation.
4 bln from privatisations or from denationalisation, to lower the burden on the taxpayer and make the economy more competitive.
Having resolved the two- day deadlock with the coal unions, Goyal is confident about turning things around, "There is no intention of denationalisation of CIL.
According to the Iranian Privatisation Organisation, the Education Ministry had the lowest amount of denationalisation, with just 0.
He further maintained that the JI had strongly opposed the denationalisation of the KESC at that time and giving the national institution to the private sector.
She began the project that Cameron et al are now competing; denationalisation though she would never have dared to dismantle the NHS.
Lydia Louise Dingle Jackson Yes, denationalisation was a great thing.
Dubbed 'Mr Privatisation' after becoming a major figure in the Government's denationalisation programme, his career hit the rocks when he tried to extend the principles to health and social security.
The Tory health minister, Andrew Lansley, has only put the health denationalisation issue on hold until after local elections, hoping for a clearer mandate to go ahead.
In 1990s the federal government adopted the policy of denationalisation /privatisation, therefore, the SBP was given maximum autonomy and a number of banking laws were mended, accordingly.