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tr.v. de·na·tured, de·na·tur·ing, de·na·tures
1. To change the nature or natural qualities of.
2. To render unfit to eat or drink without destroying usefulness in other applications, especially to add methanol to (ethyl alcohol).
3. Biochemistry
a. To cause the tertiary structure of (a protein) to unfold, as with heat, alkali, or acid, so that some of its original properties, especially its biological activity, are diminished or eliminated.
b. To cause the paired strands of (double-stranded DNA) to separate into individual single strands.
4. Physics To add nonfissionable matter to (fissionable material) so as to prevent use in an atomic weapon.

de·na′tur·ant n.
de·na′tur·a′tion n.
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Noun1.denaturant - any substance that serves as a denaturing agent
substance - a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties; "shigella is one of the most toxic substances known to man"
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Il ajoutera qu'il n'est pas question que soit eriges du beton, des hotels et des commerces dans cette foret, [beaucoup moins que] le seul bol d'oxygene de la ville, notre ville et celui de nos enfants [beaucoup plus grand que] et d'ajouter : [beaucoup moins que] Vous avez assez enlaidi la ville en la defigurant et en la denaturant [beaucoup plus grand que].
The enzyme denaturant produced by the bacterial spores denatures the purified enzyme to decrease a concentration of the purified enzyme in residue remaining on the surface after application of the cleaning composition.
Chemical dosing was controlled and monitored using denaturant and flocculent to de-tack the paint and enable paint particles to float, but the task of removing the floating paint waste was a manual operation, carried out several times each shift by a man with a scraper and shovel.
An application-specific stationary phase, Zebron ZB-Bioethanol, provides complete resolution of methanol, ethanol and the denaturant to help increase the efficiency and safety of bioethanol plant production and transportation.
L'occupation israelienne est globale et envahit les manuels et programmes scolaires, les modes d'echanges commerciaux tout en denaturant l'histoire de la Palestine et du Moyen-Orient.
The portable analyzer is a low-cost solution to quickly determine water and denaturant content of ethanol anywhere throughout the ethanol distribution system.
The liquid, chitosan-containing paint denaturant technology provides a more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional melamine-formaldehyde or acrylic acid-based chemistries.
In a first for such GC columns, the ZB-Bioethanol also meets the ASTM D 5501 method requirements by completely separating methanol, ethanol, and denaturant.
Having met the requirements stated in the RoHS directive, Markem-Imaje has now taken on a new challenge to replace the methanol currently used as denaturant in its alcohol-based inks with isopropanol (IPA).
The bands in position 4 actually consisted of two DNA fragments that comigrated in the 20-70% denaturant gradient gel.
Gladase uses papain, a proteolytic enzyme derived from papayas, and urea, a denaturant of proteins, to remove necrotic tissue and liquefy slough in acute wounds, chronic wounds, infected wounds, carbuncles, and burns.