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[Greek, tree; see deru- in Indo-European roots.]


(Anatomy) another name for dendrite1
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The PEG derivatives, hexaglycerol octa (aminopropyl) polyoxyethylene (eight-arm [PEG-NH.sub.2], Mn = 15000), pentaerythritol tetra(aminopropyl) polyoxyethylene (four-arm [PEG-NH.sub.2], Mn = 15000), 2,3-bis-[2',3'-di (methylpolyoxyethylene-oxy)-1'-propyl]polyoxyethyleneoxy-1-(aminopropyloxy) propane (dendron [PEG-NH.sub.2], Mn = 40000), and [alpha]-aminopropyl-[omega]-aminopropoxy polyoxyethylene (linear [PEG-NH.sub.2], Mn = 10000) were purchased from NOF CORPORATION (Tokyo, Japan).
(The word dendron in Greek means "tree.") But, to avoid confusion, we should point out that they have no particular relationship to the nervous system.
The metallurgists first observing these crystals thought they resembled trees and called them dendrites, after the Greek word for tree ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or dendron).
Using new dendrimers with triolefinic 15-membered macrocycles at the end of the dendron as stabilizers for preparing metallic nanoparticles provides the advantage of minimal surface deactivation for catalytic applications [113].
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(in which 0 denotes pending, 1 denotes soma, 2 denotes axon, 3 denotes dendron, 4 denotes apical dendrite, and so on) (see Table 2);
Examples of more recent innovations included Iglu (from Dendron), which is sold in Boots and has a protective seal which encases mouth ulcers to prevent further...
From 2008 on, she studied garden design in Chelsea, London and founded the garden design label Dendron Exterior Design (
This polyether was obtained by chemical modification of commercial PECH with the dendron potassium 3,4,5 -tris [4-(n-dodecan-l-yloxy)benzyloxy]benzoate (22).