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de·ni·er 1

One that denies: a denier of harsh realities.

den·ier 2

1. (also dĕn′yər) A unit of fineness for rayon, nylon, and silk fibers, based on a standard mass per length of 1 gram per 9,000 meters of yarn.
2. (also də-nîr′) A small coin of varying composition and value current in western Europe from the eighth century until the French Revolution.

[Middle English denere, a coin, from Old French dener, from Latin dēnārius; see denarius.]
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1. (Units) a unit of weight used to measure the fineness of silk and man-made fibres, esp when woven into women's tights, etc. It is equal to 1 gram per 9000 metres
2. (Textiles) a unit of weight used to measure the fineness of silk and man-made fibres, esp when woven into women's tights, etc. It is equal to 1 gram per 9000 metres
3. (Currencies) any of several former European coins of various denominations
4. (Historical Terms) any of several former European coins of various denominations
[C15: from Old French: coin, from Latin dēnārius denarius]


a person who denies
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(dɪˈnaɪ ər)

a person who denies.


(dəˈnɪər, dənˈyeɪ or, esp. for 1, ˈdɛn yər)

1. a unit of weight indicating the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns, and equal to a yarn weighing one gram per each 9000 meters: used esp. for women's hosiery.
2. a small French coin, orig. of silver but later of copper, formerly issued in W Europe.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Old French < Latin dēnārius denarius]
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Noun1.denier - a unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon; "with an evening dress one wears 10 denier stockings"
unit, unit of measurement - any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange; "the dollar is the United States unit of currency"; "a unit of wheat is a bushel"; "change per unit volume"
2.denier - any of various former European coins of different denominations
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
3.denier - one who denies
controversialist, disputant, eristic - a person who disputes; who is good at or enjoys controversy
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[ˈdenɪəʳ] N
1. (= weight) → denier m
25 denier stockingsmedias fpl de 25 denier
2. (= coin) → denario m
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[ˈdɛniər] ndenier m
15 denier stockings → bas de 15 deniers
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n (of stockings)Denier nt
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[ˈdɛnɪəʳ] ndenaro (di filati, calze)
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References in classic literature ?
"Why, it is indeed a true royal jewel, which is worth a thousand pistoles if it is worth a denier. By whom did the queen send you this jewel?"
Banneret or bachelor, square pennon or forked, I would not give a denier for the difference, and the less since Sir John Chandos, chosen flower of English chivalry, is himself but a humble knight.
If the poor man who has but one livre in his pocket, found a livre and twelve deniers, that would be justice, that would be excellent; but never does such a godsend fall to the lot of the poor man.
We are leaving Paris, and when our journey is paid, we shall have 5,000 francs left." The blood mounted to the temples of Debray, who held a million in his pocket-book, and unimaginative as he was he could not help reflecting that the same house had contained two women, one of whom, justly dishonored, had left it poor with 1,500,000 francs under her cloak, while the other, unjustly stricken, but sublime in her misfortune, was yet rich with a few deniers. This parallel disturbed his usual politeness, the philosophy he witnessed appalled him, he muttered a few words of general civility and ran down-stairs.
Tri Star Polyester Limited is a Polyester Filament Yarn manufacturing plant established in 1992 and is situated at S.I.T.E., Karachi having a capacity of 4,200 tons/annum based on 75 denier.
This is how Husam Zomlot, the current head of the Palestinian delegation in Washington, came to be cast as a Holocaust denier.
The new systems supplied by Oerlikon Barmag cater to three different segments: low denier industrial yarn (LDI), medium denier industrial yarn (MDI) and high denier industrial yarn (HDI).
Another way the company stands out is that it's a specialist in heavier denier fibers such as 45, 60, 100, 200, 300 and 500 denier.
MP Natalie McGarry has apologised for branding a pro-union campaigner a "Holocaust denier".
Holocaust denier and self-styled historian David Irving is leading tours of concentration camps, the Daily Mail reported Monday - at the hefty price of A[pounds sterling]2,000 ($3072) per person.
Anyone who said otherwise was a "denier" and branded a heretic by the Catholic Church which could destroy your reputation, see you in prison, or even sentence you to death.