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1. The tendency to separate into religious denominations.
2. Advocacy of separation into religious denominations.
3. Strict adherence to a denomination; sectarianism.

de·nom′i·na′tion·al·ist n. & adj.
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1. (Theology) adherence to particular principles, esp to the tenets of a religious denomination; sectarianism
2. (Sociology) the tendency to divide or cause to divide into sects or denominations
3. (Sociology) division into denominations
deˌnomiˈnationalist n, adj
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(sɛkˈtɛər i əˌnɪz əm)

narrow-minded devotion to a particular sect, esp. in religion.
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1. the policy of being sectarian in spirit, especially in carrying out religious policy.
2. the tendency to separate or cause to separate into sects or denominations. — denominationalist, n., adj.
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1. the policy or spirit of denominations or sects.
2. the tendency to divide into denominations or sects. — denominationalist, n.
See also: Protestantism
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Noun1.denominationalism - a narrow-minded adherence to a particular sect or party or denomination; "he condemned religious sectarianism"
narrow-mindedness, narrowness - an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior
2.denominationalism - the tendency, in Protestantism, to separate into religious denominations or to advocate such separations
inclination, tendency, disposition - an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others; "he had an inclination to give up too easily"; "a tendency to be too strict"
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Hence the old wound of European denominationalism is reopened on African soil.
He added that "Iraqi politicians should realize that denominationalism will gravely affect the unity and stability of the country and its increasing Arab role and its return to Arab politics".
Theologians and sociologists were also commissioned to study population mobility and denominationalism. In addition, more than 350 groups were organized by "state and local councils, ministerial associations, Church Women United, and in colleges and seminaries" (2).
He made it clear that Chinese Christians were more concerned with the development of a united Christian church in China that was freed from denominationalism. For the Christian churches to cooperate and to unite In China, they needed to put aside the spirit of denominationalism.
Not too long ago, the party was also asked to adopt a clear position toward racist opinions voiced against the Palestinian people and their rights, as well as toward blunt statements instigating sectarianism and denominationalism and delivered by its ally Michel Aoun during the Nahr al-Bared battle and the controversy surrounding the international tribunal and the government premiership.
Krasner's concluding section, "Between K'lal Yisrael and Denominationalism, 1940-1965," moves to the postwar landscape with a focus on the "chasm between Jewish educators and rabbis" (325).
Indeed, the language of communion in the emerging consensus allows us to move past the denominationalism that he laments.
Robert Wuthnow, observing that liberal and conservative currents crosscut denominational boundaries, posited the "declining significance of denominationalism" and a concomitant rise of religious "special purpose groups." In continued search of spiritual vitality, Wuthnow and his associates later chronicled the emergence of spiritual small groups.
At the Bossey meeting, it became evident that women are concerned about the aggressive project of globalization that tends both to universalize cultural norms and, yet, also to fragment our communities and provoke identity politics, "fundamentalisms" and denominationalism. This has a deleterious impact on the mission of the church and on women's contributions to it.
University Community Church is not a traditional Presbyterian congregation, and there is no emphasis on denominationalism. So far, the congregation has no session or board of managers.
They do it, they imply, in order to be true to the denominational values of all of them by joining together in common projects designed to transcend denominationalism and benefit the entire human race.
He added that "violence, extremism, denominationalism and corruption constitute great threats to human rights and dignity".