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An instrument used to measure density or specific gravity. Also called densitometer.

[Latin dēnsus, dense + -meter.]

den′si·met′ric (-sə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
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(General Physics) physics any instrument for measuring density
densimetric adj
denˈsimetry n
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an instrument for measuring the density or specific gravity of a solid or liquid substance.
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Noun1.densimeter - a measuring instrument for determining density or specific gravity
dasymeter - densimeter consisting of a thin glass globe that is weighed in a gas to determine its density
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Variables related to sugar and acidity were evaluated, such as total soluble solids ([degrees]Brix) determined by an Abbe refractometer (American Optical Corporation), with temperature correction; density (g m[L.sup.-1]), by a Paar densimeter, with temperature correction as well; titratable acidity (meq [L.sup.-1]), by titration; and pH, by a Corning pHmeter (RIBEREAU-GAYON et al., 1982).
Instrumentation: Rheometer, viscometer, testers; fatigue, dynamic, flex-cracking, ozone chamber, aging oven, tire plunger, air permeability, oil bath, carbon black dispersion, electronic tensile, tensile strength, abrasion resistance; electronic densimeter, tire cutting machine, constant temperature and humidity chamber
This was supplemented by a custom-developed LabVIEW utility that was adapted from the automated vibrating-tube densimeter [71] to control and schedule the pressures to be generated by the high-pressure syringe pump.
Soil analysis presented the following values: clay (densimeter) 500g [kg.sup.-1]; organic matter (Walkley-Black) 35g [kg.sup.-1]; pH (water 1: 1) 4.0; P (Mehlich-1) 3.7mg [dm.sup.-3]; K (Mehlich-1) 92.0mg [dm.sup.-3]; Cu (Mehlich-1) 2.9mg [dm.sup.-3]; Zn (Mehlich-1) 3.3mg [dm.sup.-3]; base saturation 9.0%; and aluminum saturation 60.5%.
For the physical characterization, the granulometry and water dispersed clay (WDC) were determined in the air dried soil using the the densimeter method, which measures bulk density and particle density (EMBRAPA, 1997) (Table 1).
The densities of the solutions were determined at 25[degrees]C in a vibratory densimeter (precision of 0.001 kg [m.sup.-3], model DMA 4500M, Anton-Paar, Graz, Austria).
The specific mass tests at 20[degrees]C were performed using the Incoterm brand densimeter, with a graduated rod ranging from 0.800 to 0.900 g/[cm.sup.3].
The main apparatus for density fractionation consists of an electronic balance, KJLXCD-4004L centrifugal precipitation machine, drying oven, and liquid densimeter. Carbon tetrachloride and benzene were used as the heavy liquid.
The best known methods are polarimetry [5-7], refractometry [8, 9], and those using densimeter.
The density, kinematic viscosity, and surface tension of blends are tested by the densimeter, viscometer, and surface tension meter, respectively.