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At the daily dental hour there would always be about five hundred soldiers gathered together in the neighborhood of that dental chair waiting to see the performance--and help; and the moment the surgeon took a grip on the candidate's tooth and began to lift, every one of those five hundred rascals would clap his hand to his jaw and begin to hop around on one leg and howl with all the lungs he had
In her estimation its price is far above rubies--and yet there hangs the dental jewel by its cord of braided bark, in the girl's house, which is far back in the valley; the door is left open, and all the inmates have gone off to bathe in the stream.
Every one bore the printed legend of the dental "parlours.
The dental assistant training gives the inmates the opportunity to remain busy and productive while in prison and potentially to receive time off their sentence.
The dental profession has the responsibility to provide guidance to all agencies, organizations and governmental bodies--such as state dental boards and legislatures--that have an interest in or responsibility and authority for, decisions on utilization, education and supervision of allied dental personnel.
Having a dental team in place that allows them to deliver the quality dental treatment that our patients expect.
As Chairman of the Special Committee on Volunteerism, I stopped to think about how I became a Certified Dental Assistant.