Dental formula

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(Zool.) a brief notation used by Zoologists to denote the number and kind of teeth of a mammal.

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Making up the numbers: the molecular control of mammalian dental formula. Semin Cell Dev Biol 2010; 21: 314-24.
He said some of the party leaders are posted in photographs 'laughing at empty jokes with their entire dental formula exposed to the public'.
Supernumerary teeth, a condition known as hyperdontia, are additional teeth, apart from the normal dental formula (13).
The taxonomic identification of the shark was performed by the analysis of the pictures provided by the fisherman, the dental formula, and the descriptions of Fischer et al.
Some love-struck colleagues have been known to steal a few hours of company time to indulge in a tangle or two.Flirting in itself can lead to gross waste of company time as your colleague crush camps at your desk for idle chatter just because they miss seeing your dental formula or something along those lines.
Supernumerary tooth (ST) is defined as a tooth or a structure resembling tooth which forms from dental lamina in addition to the normal dental formula [1, 2].