dental school

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: school - a graduate school offering study leading to degrees in dentistry
grad school, graduate school - a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree
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The parents of Raghad Dorgham Bakr, a Jordanian national in her final year in dental school at Ajman University, recently featured in the Arabic newspaper Emarat Alyoum, where they spoke about their struggles in making tuition payments over the last two years, amounting to AED251,174.
Dr Hughes, who is one of the lead Dental Surgeon at the Bupa owned Menai Bridge Dental Centre, was recognised for his significant contribution as ITI Study Cl He said: "When I was in dental school, teeth extraction was becoming quite a problem in South Wales, and it made me even more determined to help save smiles.
Dental school admissions' criteria based on assessing academic success are largely successful in determining the best candidates for the didactic abilities and intellectual potentials through the dental education program (Downey et al., 2002; Bauchmoyer et al., 2004; Ward et al., 2010; Austin, 2011).
He is a University of Illinois Dental School of Chicago graduate.
Property group Calthorpe Estates has unveiled its latest plans for its long-running regeneration of the site in Edgbaston, which already houses a new dental school.
After dental school, Ware practiced in Memphis and Grenada.
Ayyaz Ali Khan who was earlier affiliated with Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore and is now working at Federal Postgraduate Dental School at Islamabad talked about "Our Current Assessment and Attendance system: Are we producing competent professionals".
The four-storey development is the first integrated, stand-alone dental hospital and dental school to be built in the UK for almost 40 years.
Research was by Plymouth University's Peninsula Dental School, helped by gum makers The Wrigley Company.