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A small tooth or toothlike projection.

[Middle English, from Latin denticulus, diminutive of dēns, dent-, tooth; see dent- in Indo-European roots.]

den·tic′u·lar (dĕn-tĭk;′yə-lər) adj.
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(Zoology) a small tooth or toothlike part, such as any of the placoid scales of sharks
[C14: from Latin denticulus]
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Noun1.denticle - small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod
tooth - toothlike structure in invertebrates found in the mouth or alimentary canal or on a shell
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The silvery stain by Klein (1958) was used for detailed observation of the denticle structures, the fixation disk characteristics and the number of their constituents, and the Harris' hematoxylin solution was used for the observation of the nuclear apparatus as additional information.
5) Apical denticle on tarsal claws larger than those preceding it.
Each chelicera has one curved terminal denticle, one primary denticle, and intermediate and smaller denticles in between, for a total of approximately 25 denticles.
In Paraphidnia the anterior denticle on the vertex is little developed and the posterior part is sometimes broad and developed as a laterally flattened crest (P.
* radial denticles--reticulin fibers surround the denticle, penetrate its structure and connect with the surrounding tissue,
The triangular head has a single median denticle (1.8 [micro]m long) and four progressively shorter denticles on either side.
In both, posterior denticles density is 2.5-6 denticles per millimetre (measured in the middle of the carina) and the anterior denticle density is 3-6 denticles per millimetre.
Examples include the observation of small scale 'denticle' roughness on sharkskin, which have led to marine coatings which reduce hull friction by 5% and the likelihood of fouling by algae or barnacles.
In Ubx loss of function mutants such as [Ubx.sup.1], the T3 and A1 segments are transformed to T2 segments [16] and this phenotype can be observed in the denticle patterns of the larval cuticles in (Figure 7(b)).
The embryo is excluded from the genera Figaro, Galeus and Parmaturus because these possess distinct crests of denticles on the upper caudal fin margin (and lower caudal fin margin in Figaro and Parmaturus), whereas no denticle crests are evident on the present embryo.