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Possessing teeth; toothed.

[Back-formation from edentulous, toothless.]


(ˈdɛntʃələs; ˈdɛntjʊləs)
1. (Zoology) having teeth
2. (Anatomy) having teeth


(ˈdɛn tʃə ləs)

possessing or bearing teeth.
[1925–30; extracted from edentulous]
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Influence of aging and denture use on liquid swallowing in healthy dentulous and edentulous older people.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of dental materials specification uploaded: Stainless steel Rimlocked perforated dentulous impression trays Edentulous S S tray non perforated Wax knife
Patients who were in the age group of 35-44 years, irrespective of gender and dentulous patients were included in present study.
2) In the dentulous patients, metastasis occurs in the gingiva and in edentulous patients, it occurs in between the tongue and alveolar mucosa.
In this way, the present study aimed to evaluate the applicability of the palatal rugoscopy as a method for human identification in Forensic Dentistry, according to the methodology described by Martins-dos-Santos (1946), in edentulous patients, with upper removable denture and in dentulous patients without dentures.
Regarding the prevalence of the artery, there was a statistically significant difference between edentulous and dentulous alveolar crest where the artery was identified.
Polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) impression materials represent the state of the art in elastomeric impression materials in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry [2-5] used for recording the impressions of dentulous and edentulous arches, duplication of casts and bite registrations.
These include exercise programs, removable partial denture prostheses for dentulous patients, and complete denture prostheses for edentulous patients with modification in the occlusal scheme to compensate for the deviation.
7) Guntherwoth quantifies the time of exposure risk by pointing out that there is a cumulative exposure of 5370 minutes of bacteremia over a one month period in dentulous patients, resulting from random bacteremia from daily measures (such as chewing, tooth brushing, flossing) compared with a 6-20 minute duration associated with tooth extraction8.
Oral ability to recognize forms and oral muscular coordination ability in dentulous young and elderly adults.