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 (dē′ə-där′) or de·o·dar·a (-där′ə)
A tall cedar (Cedrus deodara) native to the Himalaya Mountains and having drooping branches and dark bluish-green leaves, often with white, light green, or yellow new growth in cultivars. It is an important timber tree in India.

[Hindi deodār, from Sanskrit devadāru : deva-, divine; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots + dāru, wood; see deru- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Plants) a Himalayan cedar, Cedrus deodara, with drooping branches
2. (Forestry) the durable fragrant highly valued wood of this tree
[C19: from Hindi deodār, from Sanskrit devadāru, literally: wood of the gods, from deva god + dāru wood]
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(ˈdi əˌdɑr)

a large Himalayan cedar, Cedrus deodara, yielding a durable wood.
[1795–1805; < Hindi deodār < Skt devadāru wood of the gods =deva god + dāru wood]
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Noun1.deodar - tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips; highly valued for its appearance as well as its timber
true cedar, cedar tree, cedar - any cedar of the genus Cedrus
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The pass was crowned with dense, dark forest--deodar, walnut, wild cherry, wild olive, and wild pear, but mostly deodar, which is the Himalayan cedar; and under the shadow of the deodars stood a deserted shrine to Kali--who is Durga, who is Sitala, who is sometimes worshipped against the smallpox.
Then the sun came out, and drew forth the good incense of the deodars and the rhododendrons, and that far-off, clean smell which the Hill people call "the smell of the snows." The hot sunshine lasted for a week, and then the rains gathered together for their last downpour, and the water fell in sheets that flayed off the skin of the ground and leaped back in mud.
He further increased his revenues by selling timber to the railway companies, for he would cut the great deodar trees in his own forest arid they fell thundering into the Sutlej River and were swept down to the Plains, 300 miles away, and became railway ties.
Hundreds of dressed deodar logs had caught on a snag of rock, and the river was bringing down more logs every minute to complete the blockade.
One of the young men of fashion - he who was found dead at the bottom of a well on the night of the earthquake had once given him a complete suit of Hindu kit, the costume of a lowcaste street boy, and Kim stored it in a secret place under some baulks in Nila Ram's timber-yard, beyond the Punjab High Court, where the fragrant deodar logs lie seasoning after they have driven down the Ravi.
About 225,000 saplings of rubinia, ailanthus as well deodar were planted in two phases in the village.
CHITRAL: Divisional Forest Office Chitral has foiled a bid of timber smuggling by recovering deodar wood worth millions of rupees from an oil tanker here on Thursday.
CHITRAL -- Divisional Forest Office Chitral has foiled a bid of timber smuggling by recovering deodar wood worth millions of rupees from an oil tanker here on Thursday.
The prime minister inaugurated the '10 Billion Tree Tsunami' drive by planting a sapling of Deodar specie at Makhniyal area where he had also kicked off Billion Tree Tsunami project of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in 2015.
'Quality Shisham timber is now available at range of Rs4000 to Rs5000 feet and eucalyptus to Rs400 to Rs500 feet in local markets,' he said, adding people mostly prefer Deodar's wood for furniture for weeding.
In reference to a story titled 'Pakistan loses business deal worth $940 million due to approval issues' published on September 18, 2018 in The Express Tribune, Dawood Hercules has said that the statement 'According to a notice filed by Dawood Hercules at the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Malaysian telecommunication infrastructure services company Edotco withdrew the deal for acquiring 13,000 communication towers of Deodar, a subsidiary of telecom giant, Jazz,' is incorrect.