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tr.v. de·o·dor·ized, de·o·dor·iz·ing, de·o·dor·iz·es
To mask or neutralize the odor of or in: deodorized the locker room.

de·o′dor·i·za′tion (-dər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
de·o′dor·iz′er n.
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Contract awarded for Purchase tremendously sewage sludge deodorization tower
Our household products include purification and deodorization products, cleaning products and barbecue charcoals designed for domestic market.
Emergency services may include building enclosure, board up, roof cover, shoring, temporary temperature control, temporary electrical, temporary fencing, emergency repairs, plumbing winterization, emergency cleaning, deodorization and demolition.
Advanta Supplements, Adel, IA, has launched Amazing Omega 3 fish oil supplements, which are half the size of standard products, and made with a proprietary, patented deodorization technology that eliminates the "fishy" smell, aftertaste and belching commonly associated with omega 3 supplements.
Xpress Restoration makes sure that after all extra water is removed; expert sanitation and deodorization practices are done to purify the disturbed areas by using the appropriate equipment's.
Freudenberg's materials are also used in protective clothing such as chemical and biological personal protective equipment, air purification filters and odor control applications that include footwear, pet products, household deodorization products and specialist performance clothing.
Among his topics are basic oil chemistry, refining, deodorization, winterization and fractionation, loss management, trans fat alternatives and challenges, and plant safety procedures.
Quat-based products provide excellent bactericidal and virucidal activity, along with superior deodorization and cleaning ability.
Operation include molecular (short-path) distillation, evaporation, concentration, deodorization, and hybrid wiped-film/fractional column distillation.
The air care division of the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) has approved the definitions of 23 deodorization terms used in the marketing and testing of those products.
According to the manufacturer, all the products in the Odor Lock System have a patented active ingredient known as NoRoma,[R] which produces rapid and continuous deodorization for all-day protection against odors.
Applied to laundry, it vastly reduces need for cleaning chemicals and hot water, does not require separation of colors from whites, and significantly improves deodorization.