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tr.v. de·ox·y·gen·at·ed, de·ox·y·gen·at·ing, de·ox·y·gen·ates
To remove dissolved oxygen from (a liquid, such as water).

de·ox′y·gen·a′tion n.
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Researchers used advanced geochemical methods including thallium isotope, manganese concentration, and sulfur isotope measurements from important sites in Latvia and Sweden to reconstruct a timeline of ocean deoxygenation with relation to the Lau/Kozlowskii extinction and subsequent changes to the global carbon cycle.
Interspersed with the descriptions of his most significant dives, Rogers examines deep-sea fishing, plastic pollution, coral bleaching due to ocean acidification and deoxygenation due to algal blooms.
Laffoley said there were four main threats, or "horsemen", facing the world's oceans: surface warming, ocean heating, deoxygenation, and acidification.
In comparison to a single bout of RSN, a single bout of RSH results in higher heart rate, minute ventilation, blood lactate concentration, and muscle deoxygenation; as well as lower blood oxygen saturation, pulmonary oxygen uptake, integrated EMG (Bowtell et al., 2013) and cerebral oxygenation (Smith and Billaut, 2010).
"We have all read about coral reefs, coral bleaching and the warm waters, together with the deoxygenation of organisms which need oxygen to live, and we are having more and more dead zones largely caused by the warming.
Altan has developed a unique, ready-to-use formulation that does not require deoxygenation and that can be packaged in flexible plastic containers, which are preferred by hospitals.
During 30 min of deoxygenation by nitrogen purge, the temperature was increased to 70[degrees]C.
This finding is similar with the findings of Lugg (2000) reported that a total kill of all species could be due to severe deoxygenation, but other causes are also possible, and fish killed by DO depletion often exhibit three symptoms- Open mouth, flared gills and a bent back head.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Oceanographers have found that even slight levels of ocean oxygen loss, or deoxygenation, have big consequences for tiny marine organisms called zooplankton.
However, HbS polymerizes upon deoxygenation due to the hydrophobic interaction that valine 6 forms with other hemoglobin chains.
from climate change to issues around ocean acidification, ocean warming and then critically what is also coming up all very quickly is this new phenomena of ocean deoxygenation."