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 (dē-ŏk′sē-rī′bō-no͞o′klē-ə-sīd′, -nyo͞o′-)
A nucleoside that contains deoxyribose as its sugar component.


(diˌɒk sɪˌraɪ boʊˈnu kli əˌsaɪd, -ˈnyu-)

a compound composed of deoxyribose and either a purine or a pyrimidine.
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1) converts ribonucleoside diphosphates into deoxyribonucleoside diphosphates being essential for DNA replication, which is why the enzyme is considered an excellent target for anticancer therapy.
Then, 4 [micro]l of reaction buffer, 1 [micro]l of RiboLock RNase inhibitor, 2 [micro]l of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate, and 1 [micro]l of Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase were added to the solution until its final volume reached 20 [micro]l.
165 [micro]l in 20 [micro]l of reaction volume) of each deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate (dATP, dTTP, dGTP, dCTP) and 1.
A reaction mixture of 50 pL contained 1 mM deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate, 2 mM magnesium chloride, 200 nM primers, 1.
An Escherichiacoli system expressing human deoxyribonucleoside salvage enzymes for evaluation of potential antiproliferative nucleoside analogs.
113 mmol/L deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs), 0.
2], 50 mmol/L KCl, 1 unit/L RN'ase inhibitor, 1 mmol/L deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates (dATP, dCTP, dTTP, and dGTP), 2.
Stereoisomeric selectivity of human deoxyribonucleoside kinases.

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