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tr.v. de·part·men·tal·ized, de·part·men·tal·iz·ing, de·part·men·tal·iz·es
To organize into departments.

de′part·men′tal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


[ˌdiːpɑːtˌmentəlaɪˈzeɪʃən] Ndivisión f en departamentos, compartimentación f
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In his position, he played a critical role in facilitating the departmentalization of former French colonies in 1946.
After president Merida, CBA dean Gerardo Delorino became the OIC and made the College of Arts and Sciences a University College, also institutionalizing the departmentalization of programs.
Services are isolated (interconnection is performed by the patient/ family); departmentalization is carried out according to professional categories/specializations; responsibility for procedures lies with professionals; and there is fragmentation in terms of management and care.
Further departmentalization of the various Shari'ah functions will streamline controls and streamline Shari'ah review processes.
We are not only confronted withan issue of professional departmentalization, agency, and power as a state of affairs: teachers teach and apply educational concepts and theory; academics do research and produce knowledge (APPLE, 2005; GIROUX, 1988; ALLWRIGHT, 2013); and educational planners and policy-makers make decision as to what is beneficial socially and politically to a nation or to a wider geopolitical region.
Hence, we suggest that future studies should include other elements of organizational structure, such as departmentalization and work specialization in the model, and the impact of these on employee innovative behavior via empowerment should be investigated.
At present, there are also some problems, such as departmentalization of knowledge resources, knowledge can't be highly shared, hidden knowledge can't be conversed effectively, institutional barriers restrict knowledge reuse degree and traditional organization form is not good for implementing knowledge management (Martensson, 2000).
With regard to organization, there has been a steady march towards the "departmentalization" of compliance.
Legal guidelines that put the onus on students to request accommodations--plus the departmentalization of services--can make it difficult to come up with a coordinated plan for a student.
Adlai Murdoch analyzes the concept of opacite in order to confront questions about the formation of identities amidst the pervasive patterns of neocolonialism brought by the law of departmentalization in the Francophone Caribbean.
Large, colorful elements were designed to create departmentalization around the store perimeter, resulting in a boutique effect.
The culture of an honors education stresses the importance of being both well-trained and well-educated, an important goal for students at any university The traditional departmentalization of disciplines often leads to students who are well-trained in their disciplines but not well-rounded, widely literate, or broadly informed.

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