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1. A distinct, usually specialized division of a large organization, especially:
a. A principal administrative division of a government: the department of public works.
b. A division of a business specializing in a particular product or service: the personnel department.
c. A division of a school or college dealing with a particular field of knowledge: the physics department.
2. Department One of the principal executive divisions of the federal government of the United States, headed by a cabinet officer.
3. A section of a department store selling a particular line of merchandise: the home furnishings department.
4. An administrative district in France.
5. A unit of a warship's crew, organized by function, such as gunnery or engineering.
6. An area of particular knowledge or responsibility; a specialty: Getting the kids to bed is my department.

[French département, from Old French, separation, from departir, to divide; see depart.]

de′part·men′tal (dē′pärt-mĕn′tl) adj.
de′part·men′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.departmentally - dependent on a department


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'You are subordinate to me departmentally at present.'
The bridges are inspected annually as per schedule and minor repair is carried out departmentally in routine to ensure safety, however, these bridges will also be upgraded under the CPEC, the sources said.
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